Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide leads to an FBI investigation

Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide leads to an FBI investigation

Jeffrey Epstein, the financier whose extravagant lifestyle came crashing down after his arrest on charges that he ran a sex trafficking ring, apparently killed himself in prison on Saturday morning. The FBI and the New York City medical examiners office are investigating his death. Mola Lenghi reports.

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69 Responses

  1. Kouliany says:

    Oh so he “killed him self “ aka he knew too much, so people made sure he wouldn’t say anything

  2. Brett Crider says:

    If only you knew how bad things really are.
    – JFK

    • Jose diaz says:

      @Ron Burgundy Also the families of the rockerfeller, the porshe, capetian, Astor, McMahon, genovese, rupert and let’s not forget the most powerful family in the world. The Rothschild’s.

    • tony says:

      @Jose diaz – interestingly, in the older jewish encyclopedias, ‘Rothschild’ means vatican bankers.
      the satanic empire of roman catholicism is the beast behind all of this evil – the Bible proves it too.

    • Jose diaz says:

      @tony That’s very true. But you mean the Jew encyclopedias. The JewISH aren’t really the real Jews. That’s why the Bible says “and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not”. Ish mean to be like. Like if someone is girlISH or boyISH. The Jewish are the ones pretending to be the real Jews. They are of the synagogue of satan.

    • tony says:

      @Jose diaz – i totally agree with you about the jews- that promise is not for all of us who claim Christ as our Saviour and follow Him.
      but sadly – i was catholic for over 35 yrs and now that i comprehend (and teach) the Bible – it’s evident – painfully clear that the system behind all of this evil is the catholic counterfeit ‘church’ – led by a jesuit devil now.

    • E D says:

      bigbenhoward Trump has betrayed us right wingers long ago, the borders will stay open and he will continue to shill for Israel

  3. James 6765 says:

    Lol all dems and republican know this was a cover up. I haven’t seen a single opposing comment yet

    • Robert Nicholls says:

      @Random Stuff You say that like this solves the issue. If he was suicidal, in a high profile case, how does a man like him commit suicide if he’s on suicide watch? People on suicide watch aren’t placed in situations where they can carry it out. You need severe trauma to end your life. Even if he did carry it out how did it happen? Someone was incompetent and should be fired, don’t you think?

      Absent anyone taking the blame, you’ll know it’s bull.

    • Robert Nicholls says:

      @Brad rawsner WHY? You act like that solves the problem. It only leads to more questions. Suicidal people aren’t automatically cured. Most cases I’ve seen lasts months, sometimes years.

    • Nice meme is dehumanizing Knockoff says:

      This is awesome, true unity.

  4. Herpeslip Herpeslip says:

    Let’s see the body. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeff’s death was staged and back on his island.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this world is run by freaking psychopaths.

    • ImBalucas says:

      We’re REALLY in the endgame now.

    • KALDOUT WNZ says:

      @Mike Smith Too bad people can no longer have these discussiona face to face. People generally form their personal opinions of capitalism, socialism, an fascism as it relatetes to their specific ppl group. The fear of perceived loss will always stoke the fires of hatred to those who think are depriving them of their entitled lot. In the final analysis it is God who decides who and what is true based upon his standards, not man’s. Psalms 82:1-8, and Isaiah 10:1-3. There has been only two (2 ) covenant nations in man’s history. Israel was one, and we are living in the other one. God did not spare a haughty backslidden Israel, and he will not spare this modern day backslidden hate-filled America either. Have a blessed day Mike Smith.

    • agf1700 says:

      @Mike Smith I think the commentator was referring to socialised healthcare not SOCIALISM as such. Americans have a blind spot when it comes to anything with the word socialised in it. They immediately associate it with communism! Socialised healthcare is prevalent in many countries – in western Europe, Canada etc and IT WORKS! This does not mean those countries are Socialist regimes. As for Capitalism. It worked after WWII but since the late 60s, it has not and Trickle Down Economics is a scam by the very rich, their lobbyists and those with political power, pulled on working people. Nowadays giving the very wealthy tax breaks, just means they invest in themselves – not to create more employment . They also find ways of keeping every penny for themselves and ensure through every means possible, that they pay little or no taxes – some very questionable ways, if not bordering on actually illegal. Everything is tilted in the favour of those with power and money and they have no interest in the cares of the working poor.

    • MrGray says:

      @KALDOUT WNZ shut up

  5. Bill Bienapfl says:

    Too many high profile people were about to be exposed as pedophiles, so they silenced the big fish.

    • Animation Cow says:

      Can someone tell me how Trump is apart of this?

    • Eric King says:


    • Eric King says:


  6. Jose Alcala says:

    I love how everyone in the comment section knows what’s really going on ?

    • Bud Wiser says:

      Epstein would of at least waited untill after the trial before he commented suicide because he probably would think with his wealth and the the fact that he had stuff on politicians he could probably get another good deal from the courts. So when would he commit suicide so prematurely?

    • mike cafano says:

      So tell us whats going on. Faked death? Lets hear it. ? You seem to know right ?

    • Ninetails says:

      Jose Alcala lol right!

  7. BalkanDeputy says:

    If you’re surprised that Jeffery Epstein killed himself last night,
    imagine how surprised he must have been…

    • Jean Roch says:

      @Ordonity and all the other reddit retards : let me get this straight, you’re saying that there’s a guy on reddit who came up with the original notion that a blackmailer would set things up so that his dirt will be released if he’s killed ? Do you morons have any idea how much of a cliché that is ? Don’t you watch TV ? Do you seriously think it takes a genius to come up with that idea ? Damn, you’re so dumb I’m glad I don’t use reddit.

    • World Love says:

      “Awww shux Paw…camera was workin’ last night”.

      “Now Opie you sush….Aunt Bee said git home”….

    • darkangel99wc says:

      Nice that you stole this from reddit

    • Phoenix Scp says:

      BalkanDeputy imagine his surprise when 5 FBI agents hung him from his cell

    • Black Lagoon Death Squad says:


  8. illwitness says:

    This is government is corrupt beyond all measure and has become a joke.

    • Junior Udo-Okon says:

      It’s a private prison, what does this have to do with the “big bad government”?

    • Kasperx138 says:

      Always has been.

    • KonnorPulse says:

      Yeah this goverment Is corrupt by satan’s demons and massive dumb joke

    • Name Here says:

      @Águila701 Because the illusion of freedom is best. A nobody on the internet saying it is so isn’t going to make much of a difference. They will just be seen as a conspiracy nut. If the FBI starts showing up to every internet nobody’s house to take them away, then that illusion of freedom will vanish. The nobody will become a somebody, and our own version of the French Revolution would begin.
      So, they let people act like they have freedom. Let them helplessly flail about. Since so many have happily accepted the norm of life. The hustle and bustle that keeps them busy.
      Pushing through life. Getting jobs that barely pay them. Working their way up, until they get good paying jobs. Getting married, starting families, rising them, then retiring. People are either too busy, or too comfortable to want to rock the boat. Hoping that they will get to enjoy their life until they die. Feeling like they actually did something, when they have done little more than just shovel the dirt for their own grave. Thinking that they have made the world better by just raising offspring. Instead of actually doing anything worth while.

      Sorry for the rant everyone, I just needed to vent and kinda let out some of my frustration with life.

    • Águila701 says:

      @Name Here Wow, you’ll definitely be getting a knock from the FBI.

  9. mike perrott says:

    Proof you don’t wanna know too much about rich powerful ppl

  10. B. Terence Harwick says:

    Cremate the body. Destroy the evidence. That is the surest sign of a hit job —

    Conducted and paid for by the rich and powerful — specifically by those threatened for destruction when exposed.

  11. Decayed Knight 19 says:

    Thanks FBI for covering up your tracks.

  12. no one says:

    Its 1 BIG club .. and you and I ain’t invited..thank the Lord..

  13. Goyim Intelligence Agency says:

    Meanwhile in Tel Aviv, Epstein is recovering from plastic surgery and his new identity will be ready by tomorrow afternoon.

  14. goodshipzion says:

    More importantly, where is malaysia flight 370?

  15. Hermaeus Mora says:

    Security footage will Disappear and the Autopsy will be Botched.
    The FBI investigation will turn up Nothing.

  16. Katelyn Bruce says:

    Another FBI investigation that will lead to who it usually does and won’t go anywhere….

  17. the yanks says:

    Show the jail footage tapes. If the tapes and cameras magically all dissappear start locking up all the dirty cell guards behind his death.

    • pookiehoney says:

      I think it’s funny that you think a guard had any say in this. They were probably removed, replaced, and silenced by any means. The real culprits are the elite who are trying to cover up their tracks. If you are rich and evil enough people go silent.

  18. Angela Smith says:

    “Apparent suicide”
    Interesting choice of words.

  19. Clorox Bleach says:

    Finally liberals and conservatives can agree he was killed

  20. Donald Petersen says:

    No mention of cameras “malfunctioning” or the lapse in suicide watch. What garbage coverage.

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