Jeffy’s Pet Shark!

Jeffy’s Pet Shark!

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52 Responses

  1. SuperLuigiLogan says:

    Go watch the full video and subscribe!

  2. Comic and book Imagination Studio says:

    Jeffy : I think I got a fishy, a big one (trying too pull harder)

    Reward a shark

  3. Isaiah K says:

    I didn’t know when you were going to post another video and super Bowser Logan so I just had it subscribe just in case

  4. Isaiah K says:

    And now you’re making videos on it so yeah that’s cool

  5. Ethan Fernandes says:

    Guys superbowserlogen has the full video go check it out

  6. Harry Potter Spider Wilson says:

    Shark puppet
    Copy right
    All the people that think jeffy and shark puppet should be friends


  7. *Cyanide Cookie* says:

    **youtube: this video was uploaded 3 minutes ago**
    **comments: 31 minutes ago**


    I am moving to sbl but I will be forever grateful for the gifts that are Sml and Sll

  9. shayshayboiyt _ says:

    2017:super Mario logan demonitized
    2018: super Luigi Logan demonitized
    2019: super browser Logan
    2020:super browser Logan DeMoNiTiZeD

  10. Disney Animation Disney Animation says:

    Wow finally someone comment came true I saw someone said do shark puppet and sml crossover and they did it

  11. Taytay TBH says:

    Hi random person strolling down the
    Comments have a great day ❤️?

  12. Barry Gee says:

    Jeffy And Sharky Screaming And Shark Is Sounds Like Darla From Finding Nemo!

  13. Aquarius says:

    SHARK PUPPET. I actually thought of you two teaming up with them

  14. Jhon- Do-Do ABC120111 On PSN says:

    Marvel : Infinity war is the most ambitious Crossover event in history.
    SML :

  15. 771Ray771 says:

    Rip SLL I’m hearing it now N64 wave race ops one chance left

  16. One red Boi says:

    You know something is bad when it says JEFFY AND SHARK

  17. CLYT says:

    @the.shark.puppet on tiktok is friends with this CHANNEL SML and SLL

  18. Barry Third says:

    That was funny ??? jeffy haveing a pet shark that scream’s

  19. El Salvador says:

    So this channel died as well? RIP SML, 2007-2018. And RIP SLL 2008-2019

    • Sean Loshe says:

      El Salvador not exactly…it may still have some hope since some videos still get add revenue,look at chilly new vlog you’ll understand

  20. Twisted Cyclone says:


    Joseph^s NEW SHELL

    Junior makes fun of (Joseph shell) so Joseph finds a new RED shell or makes a RED shell and shows it of to junior …..

    That’s just a little idea, I did this idea so they all have there own colours (Cody – Blue)
    (Junior – Green) (Joseph – Red)
    I’m not sure what else to add to the idea hopefully you can think of a better setting and stuff…..

    P.S keep Joseph red shell for all the videos with junior

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