Jell-O Shot Twister with Kristen Stewart

Jell-O Shot Twister with Kristen Stewart

Jimmy and Kristen Stewart face off in a game of Twister where they have to take a Jell-O shot every time they place a body part on a colored spot.

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Jell-O Shot Twister with Kristen Stewart

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20 Responses

  1. Masir Javed says:

    3:03 sounds like fart. anyone?

  2. fcalderon1900 says:

    She’s a fucking Trampire!!!!

  3. Liam says:

    jacket goes on waist. I go on alternative video.

  4. Thea Katrina Ortiz says:

    loved her in Twilight Saga, love her still. will always love her. ?❤

  5. Alpha Cami-Ellie says:

    I have missed her so much ???hey Kristen!!!

  6. Adam Škrovan (adams7012) says:

    Everytime you watch this video it gets weirder…

  7. Laura Tunkavige says:

    seriously full off of a couple shots of jello?
    wish i could be

  8. destinyawaitsx3 says:

    Lol someone didn’t think this game through.

  9. Bryant Holland says:

    I so love twister and that vid is great

  10. AngelicBeliever says:

    Why is she so awkward though? I also like how she tied her jacket a little
    lower than her waist to show off that her pants are brand name. Like grow

  11. 414aliha says:

    Jimmy covered his front to hide his erection most probably :D

  12. Lynn760 says:


  13. Emily Edwards says:

    Going to shop for those TH cut-offs rn….

  14. Bobby O says:

    Is she homeless?

  15. Mason Edwards says:

    This was not a good idea

  16. dr.andrew ledger says:

    danm i love her …true beauty

  17. Zainab Anwari says:

    I love her style !

  18. wissou sarikaya says:

    she’s super cool i just love her so much!

  19. reebsthebeebs says:

    yup still love her

  20. Kari Mocz says:

    I’ve missed the show show much, Jimmy you’re back, finallyyyy 😀 <3