Hey Larlees, todays video is on me testing out eyeshadow jelly. This is the weird eyeshadow I think i’ve ever played with. it is called the BUTTER LONDON Glazen Eye Gloss it feels kinda like a cream eyeshadow, but moves like jelly, and is supposed to give you the WET eye affect does it work? keep watching to find out more! – Laura


Watch my Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial:

Butter london eye gloss-
Butter london liner –

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19 Responses

  1. Laura Lee says:

    is eye jelly shadow stuffs a HOT OR A MISS for you?

  2. Grace Manuel says:


  3. anonymousmakeuplover says:

    Was the whole pot filled when you got it? Cause it looks like you didn’t get a lot of product, and it looks soooo pretty but I’m not gonna waste $24 on something that won’t last

  4. Clodagh Dowd says:

    Me: ok I’m going to do all my homework and get lots of work done
    YouTube: Laura lee just uploaded a new video
    Me: well I guess homework can wait.
    Love you Laura???

  5. vaporbaby 2001 says:

    might sound weird but i love seeing the little lines in your forehead , i have them too, i’m 18 and i’ve always been really insecure to have them because everyone’s always ‘anti-wrinkle.’
    yeah, just wanna say that i love them on you, makes me wanna love them on myself. thank you ?

  6. vanessa issaka says:

    I don’t think the jelly eyeshadow is worth 24 dollars . go to the drugstore and buy loreal infallible 24 he eyeshadow and apply it with a wet brush, and u get the same end result without the creasing. the eyeliner , I feel could be a little bit more inexpensive. Especially with having a felt too applicator. I prefer one with a flexible small brush. My current fav is rimmel London glam eyes and nano liner by absolute new York. it has an ultra fine felt tip applicator which makes it very easy to apply . the felt tip is actually flexible which I love!

  7. Brianna Dominguez says:

    Laura you should make a video only using Avon makeup ?

  8. likealadyNo1 says:

    I like the video but i think you should film the intro before trying the product so we don’t see the result beforehand, i was kind of missing the surprise ??

  9. Sena Cooper says:

    Please do a review on the jelly blender! Shaped like a beauty blender but it’s clear with silver glitter all through it and of course its squishy!

  10. alexandria romero says:

    is it just me or does she look a little different in this vid ?

  11. lifewithlarue says:

    lol oooo baby what is you doing

    I like the tiny brush best for eyeliner, I used this dollar store LA Colors black eyeliner forever just because I loved the brush so much.

  12. Melissa Cardoso says:

    Hey girl so Ik your pallets sold out however the wish app has it you should do a video on if it’s the same quality or not

  13. Vanessa Puckett says:

    I haven’t heard much about this one on YouTube

  14. Jaye Lindsay says:

    If the formula is good I actually prefer felt tip liners, I find the skinny brush ones harder to maneuver

  15. crowntheaj says:

    i don’t even wear eyeshadows but this seems so intriguing

  16. Jaime Bellon says:

    If it’s already creasing on you then no. For me, felt tips are spongy and let out too much product even when lightly pressed to the eye which is why they’re hard to control. Super interesting products tho!!

  17. ash woods says:

    Babygurl you’re on trending

  18. Johnny Perez says:

    Retire from YouTube 1like = 1 pop tart

  19. Baljeet K says:

    That intro girl ???????

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