Jennette McCurdy gets candid about life as a child star in new memoir

Jennette McCurdy gets candid about life as a child star in new memoir

The “iCarly” and “Sam & Cat” actress dives into her struggles with eating disorders, addiction and a complicated relationship with her overbearing mother in the new book, “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”


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20 Responses

  1. Ganapathi Raja says:

    She’s doing the right thing by telling the truth about what she went through while she was on Nickelodeon for the past six years. I’m glad that Miranda, Nathan, and Jerry are supporting her as she went through so much trauma. The title of the book is very shocking but tells the audience why she quit acting.

    • Captain Hoopla says:

      Title 🔥

    • Chicken Dinner says:

      how do u know its the truth?

    • Aabaahgnaar Buulaajaadiijn says:

      *When your mother TRAFFICS YOU and TREATS YOU LIKE PROPERTY instead of like a human being, you are entitled to your feelings about it and to tell your story and to bluntly express your true feelings about it.*

      And Jennettes feelings are valid. She has every right to that book title. Every right. It should be a WAKE UP CALL to everyone out there that there are children in this world who are imperiled by those who should be the ones protecting them.

      Those who would deny any such victim this right to their feelings and to speak their truth, who would silence her or shame and blame her as a victim, SHAME on YOU.*

      Jennette, some of us DO GET IT. We’ve been there too. In our own various ways. We support you and applaud 100%. You are doing something incredibly powerful and meaningful in giving voice to victims and to sparking the types of dialogues that are needed to bring about change.


    • Prince Naveen says:

      @Debbie Dowd Sthu

  2. NISHA says:

    She is so articulate and thoughtful with every single thing she says. It’s honestly so brave of her to speak out about something so personal yet so prevalent. Abuse is never okay and I’m glad she was able to work through her trauma by writing this book.

  3. Jocelyn79 says:

    She is such an articulate person. I’ve only seen a couple little bits of her work and there’s no doubt she is talented. I’m just so sorry that her experiences came at so much cost and suffering. The children of abusive parents have such a tangled web of emotional things to sort through in life. God bless her for her courage in sharing. If there’s any part of her that desires to re-enter the entertainment industry I hope she does so on her terms and with boundaries firmly in place. If her desire is at all to entertain (if that’s something that would give her joy) then the world would be blessed by it, but the blessing has to be mutual. Good for her for sharing her story.

  4. Highkey Akari says:

    Im glad she’s telling her story. She was a big part of alot of kids lives and adults now… she deserves to be heard. She is human.

  5. Renee Overstreet says:

    The fact that she was able to say that she misses her mom shows that she has healed. People can be abusive and you can have good memories at the same time. It’s so hard but I support her talking about it and working towards her own happiness.

  6. smileyfan16 says:

    It takes so much courage for her to speak out about abuse. I hope she takes time to heal. She’s very strong and brave.

  7. HuzlTea says:

    I love how she handled this interview! My fave part is when he starts to try to press her about the $300,000 to get more info and two different times very calmly she made him back off and let him know she’s not speaking about that. long story short if you want to know about it read the book…. and I will.

    • Mr. Good Boi says:

      @Christnappa4 Let’s be honest. EVERYONE wants to see the juice spilled. No matter who you are, this coming to light is important and Nick deserves to go bankrupt. I’m sure it would hurt some of her cohorts though which is why she won’t.

    • Nicki T says:

      The book has been through multiple reviews and her comments about Nickelodeon in it were probably very carefully chosen. Saying things on television, where she has no control over how it’s edited, could land her in a lot of trouble. It’s good that she didn’t let the interviewer get away with that.

    • Christnappa4 says:

      That interviewer is quite insidious, he wants the juice of the book be spilled over national TV, especially if it’s something damaging towards a rival media conglomerate: Viacom.

  8. John Michael says:

    Honestly good for her for sticking to her guns and not answering the big headline questions, you can tell her book is obviously more than those headlines, and that tells alot about her character. I wish her nothing but the best!

  9. Christolph says:

    She is media trained in a way only child stars always seem to be. Knowing their reputation exists on a razors edge. I hope her story is heard and I hope she gets justice in whatever form she needs.

  10. FrazyTay says:

    She has a lot of courage writing this book & breaking her silence. I think its amazing she can open up about the hardest things you never want to talk about! As someone who had an abusive Step mom I completely agree with her speaking her truth.

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