Jennette McCurdy shares the stories behind memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died”

Jennette McCurdy shares the stories behind memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died”

Former Nickelodeon child star Jennette McCurdy speaks about her traumatic relationship with her mother, struggle with anorexia and her decision to quit acting in her memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”



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43 Responses

  1. I Talk says:

    You never would have guessed she went through all of this while watching her on iCarly. I’m glad she’s doing well now!

  2. cris says:

    I love how she willingly admitted her jealousy of costars. It takes a ton of personal maturity and self awareness to admit emotions such as that

    • in wino veritas says:

      of course, she was jealous of her having a career in the music industry and for being known outside of the Nickelodeon bubble, I bet, everyone was and am sure, many other co stars have already admitted to this.

    • Watchie says:

      @Your Mom I think they’re trying to say not jealousy over appearance but over career or things like someone’s perceived home life compared to hers.

    • Union Unicorn says:

      @Yanilowkz She was jealous of the healthy relationship Ariana had with her mother which is so sad (and I know how that feels) 🥺

    • Your Mom says:

      @Yanilowkz huh

    • Yanilowkz says:

      & it was not … beauty jealousy it was how privileged someone was jealousy

  3. Animalyze71 says:

    “The Path of Integrity” She totally owned that statement. People who have never been through what She has can never fully understand the mixed emotions and all the easy way outs one would consider. She didn’t take the bribe and instead took the way She felt was Her own and that speaks volumes on how far She’s come. Good for you Jennette, you made us all laugh and feel good while you couldn’t a that time, and speaking for fans, You have our Respect and Love. We got your back, if ever and whenever you may need it.

    • Candi Lease says:

      It so heart breaking to know that she was enduring such pain while she was giving others such joy at the time of those shows!

  4. RareEnigma™ says:

    Stories like Jennette is why I feel so sad for child actors, we are not aware what they are going through at home or on the set. Corey Feldman, Shirley Temple, there is so many tragic stories of child abuse in Hollywood.

  5. Spencer Allegra says:

    I hope she realizes how brave she is for talking about all of this. Other child stars will see this and realize what’s happening to them isn’t normal or okay. She’s truly saving lives.

    • Spank Buda says:

      Oh please! How many times must we hear about these famous child actors crying well after the fact when they’re adults and they’re no longer famous? Why would any parent send their child to hollyweird?

    • watering can says:

      @Culture 25-8 her mother gave her unnecessary physicals over fake medical advice. That was sexual abuse. She would make Jeannette believe she had to shower her until she was 18 years old and couldn’t shower herself, and guilt tripped her and her brother to never ask to shower themselves because she would start crying. She would force her and her brother to shower together on multiple occasions, and was extremely mentally abusive. If ur being a troll, whatever, u know ur wrong. But if u truly believe this please reevaluate what u think.

    • Dave102693 says:

      @Culture 25-8 get out

    • Jynx says:

      @Culture 25-8 if you think the Kardashians are a good example of a healthy mother/ daughter relationship you need more help than anyone in this comment section can give you. For their sake I hope you never have any daughters of your own.

  6. Helena says:

    As a child who grew up with a narcissistic abusive mother, it’s almost surreal to me to hear someone talk publicly about maternal abuse in such a clear and honest voice. She’s very inspiring. I never watched any of her work before today, but I think I may now be a fan of this brave and special soul.

    • in wino veritas says:

      agreed. I also never heard of her before, but I think that she’s an inspiring voice for all the people who have gone through this abuse. sad to her that you were also abused by an abusive mother, but I hope, you’re feeling better now.

    • AS says:

      Agreed, really pleased ppl are willing to speak out about parental abuse, rather than living with the shame. So many ppl bury their head in the sand or suppress through addiction. Shine a light on the darkness

    • harryginnyalways says:

      She has an excellent podcast called Empty Inside, where she’s brutally honest about a range of issues. If you enjoy hearing her speak I’d highly recommend listening to it.

    • Rosanne Sol says:

      @mitxie phoebe It is surprising because a lot of people dismiss the feelings of children abused by their parents and don´t believe them. It goes a little deeper than ´hating your mom´ when there´s trauma involved. So yeah, we need more people like Jennette and less people who try to minimize victims.

  7. Leslie Nicole says:

    She’s a beautiful person. She’s so healed and mature for her age. I will pray for her continued recovery.

  8. lyoness says:

    “Out of body experiences” are extremely common in survivors of childhood sexual abuse. A child’s mind simple cannot process the trauma so it removes them from the situation mentally. It’s just a coping mechanism. It’s amazing she’s been able to deal with this and she should be proud of herself.

    • mama bear says:

      It happens to older adult women too.
      Its the reaction to abuse. For everyone.

    • Fátima Cides says:

      I was abused at 13 and I experienced the same thing. I’m kind of relieved that I’m not the only one struggling with remembering along with healing.

    • Lando C says:

      @Taylor Exactly. WTF did that have to do with anything here?

    • Taylor says:


    • Potato says:

      @IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! Uhm…dissociation is very very different from that. It’s far from a positive experience. I used to get it a lot cause I have a lovely combo of adhd and anxiety and it would trigger bad panic attacks. I’m still not sure why exactly. I don’t have much trauma.

  9. sky shae says:

    I’m so proud of her for speaking out. Honestly I don’t know about you guys but I can’t watch old Nickelodeon shows the same. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I just can’t. I remember being a little girl wanted to be in a Nickelodeon show. I was like omg that is so fun but now that I’m 22 I’m like wow this is horrible. And the crazy thing is it’s not even Nickelodeon that is getting away with this stuff it’s Disney channel too. Smh I hope these kids stars get the help they need. And know that it wasn’t their fault.

  10. Good Grief says:

    My mother just died. And she was toxic right up until the end, spreading lies, manipulating all of my siblings and I, and pitting us against eachother right up until the last time I spoke with her a few days before she too her last breath. So I understand completely how you can love your mother, and yet know deep down that she’s been the source of most of the damage in your life. I am so proud of Jeannette McCurdy for speaking her truth and having the guts to give her book that title. It takes ovaries of steel to go there in a culture that encourages us to stick with family no matter how much they continue to damage us. I hope she sells a million copies and finds herself never having to go back to a profession which seems to have traumatized her. Or if she ever chooses to do so, she can do it after a lot of healing and some distance and on her terms. Much love!

    • Thumper_the_Protagonist says:

      @xoplanninglovexo It really is sad and shocking that this has been life for so many of us. We all need some healing.

    • Sleeptide says:

      @Brad Ford report to the cops? The hell

    • Ash Dallis says:

      It’s like finding a hidden treasure and sharing it with your community instead of keeping all the goods to yourself. This person has been saved and sealed for eternal life and now they just want other people to have that same security.

    • Ash Dallis says:

      The very fact that she felt a huge weight lifted once her mom died tells you it was more than just overprotective parenting. She wasn’t able to heal until after she was no longer under that abusive environment.

    • Ash Dallis says:

      I’ll be praying for you and your mom. While there is yet breath in your bodies there is still hope. Jesus died and rose again that we may have hope.

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