Jennifer Aniston TV commercial | A380 | Emirates

Jennifer Aniston TV commercial | A380 | Emirates

Watch as Jennifer Aniston returns on our A380 with a new friend

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20 Responses

  1. Big Boss says:

    Brad Pitt is an absolute d to have cheated on her

  2. Jakub Konieczny says:

    Where i buy plane?

  3. Kermit The Balla says:

    Can’t wait to fly with Emirates to the other side of the world in 2 months
    🙂 Only economy though haha

  4. 1993ibk says:

    Another brilliant commercial by the best airline ever! :)

  5. subhabrata pramanick says:

    She became a F.R.I.E.N.D of that little boy.

  6. argyjr says:

    The dad’s face when he sees Aniston is the best…

  7. Idrees Syed says:

    should of have a little Casey cameo

  8. Jenny Sy says:

    <3 jennifer aniston!

  9. Abcd Efgh says:

    I just voluntarily clicked on an airline commercial. These guys are good.

  10. Uday Rathod says:

    Jaby Koay at 1:22 :D

  11. Akshay Sharma says:


  12. Hello Denise says:

    That’s Keisha Lall from Lily Pebble’s channel!

  13. danglezbenderz says:

    they had to take the poor kid back up to the poor kid section

  14. Сергей Иванов says:

    Если бы меня спросили, кто самая сексуальная женщина в мире, я бы ответил
    Дженнифер Энистон, такая девушка сорванец, соседка с соседнего двора,
    которая добилась всего сама !

  15. Eric Harris says:

    Fucking terrorist plane.

  16. PocketAces says:

    First time I actually wanted to watch an ad.

  17. Simon Kepchar says:

    I’ve never hated anyone as much as i hate this kid.

  18. LovaticAnimal69 says:

    everyone’s all excited over Jennifer Aniston but BRUH THATS DOY FROM GIRL

  19. Dudley says:

    regressive oppressive airlines

  20. The909Virus says:

    1:10 NX?