Jennifer Aniston’s Deleted Sex Scene – CONAN on TBS

Jennifer explains why her sex scene with Charlie Day was cut from “Horrible Bosses 2.”

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20 Responses

  1. The Graceful Savage says:

    Andy Richter has legendary timing.

  2. Brandon Bute says:

    People arguing about rape when it’s a movie.

    It’s not real. 

  3. AirPirate9 says:

    Its impossible for Jennifer to rape someone. Rape is when the other
    participant isn’t willing, who wouldn’t be willing (coma or no coma)?

  4. Morgan God says:

    I have a question to Charlie Day: “Was it hard?”

  5. Supa Dave says:

    If you can’t say no technically you didn’t…. coma or sleep sex is not
    illegal unless they wake up :D

  6. Dan Min says:

    How is this a “Sex Scene” and not a “Rape Scene”?

  7. BETOS BETO says:

    is she Jay Leno’s daughter? they have almost the same chin!

  8. Ghost81 says:

    If it were a male actor talking about raping a woman in a coma there would
    be feminist SWAT trucks crashing through the wall throwing tear gas
    grenades. If a woman talks about raping a man in a coma, everybody laughs.

    Double standards.

  9. johnross brechany says:

    on my will if i’m in a comma Jennifer Aniston can rape me all she wants as
    long as i wake up before shes done

  10. GhostSpectre says:

    When she puts her arms over her head and pulls her hair up…sweet mother

  11. Sergio B says:

    Am I the only one who really badly wants to lick that little crease between
    her armpit and her boob?

  12. MonsterTacos8 says:

    For 1, thats a rape scene! And 2, why can’t all 45 year olds be as
    beautiful as her??

  13. johnny jolie says:

    poor bill Cosby >> LAMO 

  14. GregB1986 says:

    SHUT UP ANISTON after Wanderlust you can no longer tease sex or nudity to
    an audience.

  15. Johnny Baker says:

    Obviously she is smart enough to know it was a rape scene while filming it.
    Just curious what sort of yoke they have over her for her to do such an
    abhorrently sick and criminal scene.

    Dave Chappell is correct ; Hollywood is a sick place.

  16. hashstalker says:

    it’s my favourite girl for fuck =)

  17. hyper277 says:

    Who the fuck wouldn’t want to be raped by Jennifer Aniston??????

  18. supersecret says:

    In the first Horrible Bosses she knocked out Dale and sexual assaulted him
    and took pictures and they kept that in the movie and nobody said anything
    about it so I don’t see why they took that scene out of this one. 

  19. Micah Murray says:

    Female has sex with a man while he is in a coma = Hilarious
    Male has sex with female while she is in a coma = Rape

  20. Doreen OT says:

    God this is hard huh…yeah like yeah this is hard