Jennifer Lawrence Enjoys Being A Human Being

Jennifer Lawrence Enjoys Being A Human Being

Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence talks “Joy,” being human and puking.

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20 Responses

  1. Carlos Ramirez says:

    that lindsay lohan joke was out of place

  2. Yo Soon says:

    what an unnecessary joke about Lindsay Lohan… that was pretty pointless.

  3. Manuela S. Connelly says:

    I love everything she does, but maybe she shouldn’t have said that about
    Lindsay Lohan. Not cool to make fun of someone struggling to stay sober and
    quest a better lifestyle.

  4. EternalMelancholy1 says:

    She looks and acts drunk.
    I hope she’s not an alcoholic.

  5. Eric Caballero says:

    he likes her

  6. Bryanna Basilio says:

    She’s amazing

  7. truth true says:

    Davids movies suck. They r seriously boring……. No wonder they win
    awards since theyre voted by old white retired men.

  8. KING YAMAHA says:

    I love how they censor the word tits but don’t censor ass. lol wft

  9. Majestic Panda says:

    she so cute

  10. Gilberto Siqueira says:

    Great interview, but i miss her with Dave.

  11. Boom Box says:

    damn shes so fake. good acting

  12. Javii says:

    she’s so funny and nice that is disgusting!

  13. Ford2219 says:

    It’s really sad that someone mocks about another people struggles. That
    Lindsay Lohan “Joke” was completely out of place. How can you mock about
    something as serious as a drug addiction? Jennifer kinda lost my respect

  14. ProducedByAidan says:

    Wow Stephen is an awkward as fuck interviewer.

  15. Beamode says:

    jennifer is my height what is she eating 5.9

  16. AlwaysHungry says:

    came for the tits

  17. Kelvin Chau says:

    Stephen somewhat sounds like Caesar Flickerman.

  18. Alex Ramirez says:

    Is she still hungry or is that game over?

  19. The Mexican Joker says:

    For a small paycheck of 25,000,000 dollars.

  20. Peter "THE GOD" Pineapple says:

    It’s comical how fake this world is ..