Jennifer Lawrence Wanted Seth to Ask Her Out When She Hosted SNL – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jennifer Lawrence Wanted Seth to Ask Her Out When She Hosted SNL – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jennifer Lawrence came up empty-handed after wishing Seth would ask her out for a week.
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Jennifer Lawrence Wanted Seth to Ask Her Out When She Hosted SNL – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. lobreddemon says:

    how old is she how old Is he

  2. cris555000 says:

    I have the biggest crush on this girl!

  3. Povl Besser says:

    that’s either not wine or some watered down ass wine.

  4. Steve27775 says:

    We all know that Seth only has one love and he’s currently at New York’s
    hottest club, NEKKID GRANDMA. Hosted in a dying blue whale, this club has
    everything: earmuffs, cheese-graters, a human 8-ball… It’s that thing
    where you get a drunk African-American midget and shake him until he gives
    you the answer you want.

  5. 67foxcharlie says:

    Seth’s gotta be thinking, Damn, I wished I knew then.

  6. meganmagnolia says:

    I feel like the difference between Jimmy & Seth is that with Jimmy, I bet
    the producers intentionally didn’t tell him Nicole was going to say that or
    maybe she didn’t tell them. However, you can clearly tell Seth was prepared
    for this news. I wish we could have seen his initial reaction though lol

  7. Emma Sieger says:

    Oh my god this is so me.

  8. Alyssa Lehman says:

    Larry David is like 68 years old, but I’m chill girl knows what she wants.

  9. Gamy Linares says:

    There its out…… feels a lot better….

  10. mrsjamat86 says:

    I love her. she’s so spunky and outspoken and a great freakin actress. she
    could talk about anything even if its embarrassing and she’s not ashamed. 

  11. Alex May says:

    0:54 That moment when Seth goes insane at the thought that he passed up the
    opportunity to date Jennifer Lawrence.

  12. KErasoAK32 says:

    Seth legendary

  13. shadyjd87 says:

    ugh…love her! I wish I could marry Seth too #sadface

  14. Mendesfan 4ever says:

    Isn’t Larry like 50 or something??

  15. Farmer Nate says:

    She is actually really funny. I would love to marry a girl as funny as her

  16. Obi- Juan Kentucky says:

    What is this??? what show is this??? who’s that guy??? What public channel
    is thisbon??? looks pretty boring???

  17. julio hernandez says:

    she totally break the stereotypes ,luv her

  18. David delgado says:

    J law is way too much in a good way

  19. Jackie Herrera says:

    Now that she’s mentioned it … I find Seth so much more attractive

  20. Hedgehog4real says:

    i dont think seth is into her,so i see no reason for him to want a time
    machine lol.not everyone wants to get with an attractive hollywood
    thespian,i want to believe