Jennifer Lawrence Was So Psyched To Sleep She Dislocated Her Toe – CONAN on TBS

Jennifer Lawrence Was So Psyched To Sleep She Dislocated Her Toe – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: After a whirlwind tour for “The Hunger Games,” Jennifer was excited to catch some Z’s on a plane. Maybe TOO excited.

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20 Responses

  1. ChiTownRuler023 says:

    Lies! She was really excited about those butt plugs under her bed.

  2. AJ says:

    What the hell? All planes should have their own room with a bed and a
    television for each passenger.
    Someone needs to get on that and create that airplane and make it
    affordable to all. Where there is a will there is a way.

  3. George M says:

    well i gues she likes being shot on the bed.. gigdy

  4. Ping Szu Wang says:

    This is the most depressing interview I have ever seen on Conan…fame
    really gives you whatever you want.

  5. App Cookie says:

    Jesus why didn’t anyone stop her? She’s going to cause a hell out of

  6. RealMuthaF says:

    overrated slut

  7. Tí mó tàihòu shū. says:

    Usually you have to switch on babestation for that much gyration

  8. MarieCPA says:

    I’m not sure but is it Josh Hutcherson sitting on her bed like fixing his
    shoes or something??? Coz it sure looks like him…

  9. CQVPR says:

    Attention passengers, whe’re experiencing some turbulence due to a jumping
    and sleep deprived Oscar winner actress.

  10. Saan X says:

    and ? what should we do about that?

  11. Youri Carma says:

    I think it dislocated the plane :)

  12. Roxy-Jane Stone says:


  13. Dokkon K says:

    wait that was a plane? WTF ? what kind of plane is she riding in?

  14. ramonypony says:

    But when did she dislocate her toe? I didn’t seen or hear any toe
    dislocation happening.

  15. raafmaat says:

    since when do they have actual beds in planes? im confused

  16. TheRealWitblitz says:

    What kinda mother fuckin’ plane is that? Millenium Falcon?

  17. JohnGrest says:

    That plane bedroom is bigger than my apartment.

  18. MsUsagi513 says:

    You can sleep on that on a plane?!

  19. Shontong Balentong says:

    thats hott!!

  20. Raskolnikov32 says:

    Hey, kids, our new beds on planes means that you no longer have to store
    those air stewardesses in your ‘wank banks’ for later on, you can just
    discretely squirt one out right now. And the best thing, you can just turn
    right over and go to sleep right afterwards–the captain will even switch
    off your nightlight and give you a wee kiss on the head.