Jennifer Lopez and Ellen Play ‘5 Second Rule’ – Extended Version

Jennifer Lopez and Ellen Play ‘5 Second Rule’ – Extended Version

Watch the extended version of Jennifer Lopez and Ellen playing a game of “5 Second Rule”! Find out what J.Lo’s nicknames are for her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, and what she cooks for her kids.


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51 Responses

  1. Leoni Halk says:

    She looking beautiful😍

  2. Lee4Eva says:

    That dress JLo is wearing 💕💕💕

  3. Samet Shakur says:

    Imagine J.lo calls u Papi..

  4. smg11 1 says:

    J.Lo is soooo beautiful ❤❤❤

  5. Noura El Zein says:

    “my finger” 😂😂😂

  6. Alex Morales says:

    Jennifer Lopez is so beautiful 😭😍

  7. JOEY the BITCH says:

    So happy they made cher’s song turn back time the starting song of this game🤩🤩👸❤

  8. MrNati883 says:

    Did Ellen really just mention Jennifer Garner to JLO?!

  9. kimaya panash says:

    “are you wet”????…Hilarious

  10. Anthony Benitez says:

    Men JLO found the fountain of eternal beauty she looks every day more beautiful

  11. Fani says:

    I was screaming Garner and Garner so many talented Jennifers

  12. Adel V says:

    She didn’t want to Say Jennifer Garner with all the Ben Affleck history 😅

  13. Rainy Zion says:

    Whenever J.lo is on the show Ellen is always super happy.i love them both😘😘😍😍

  14. Johanne E. says:

    Jlo has such an adorable personality whenever I’ve seen her interviewed or interact with others.

  15. Akiele Nurse says:

    Ellen is so charming. she and Portia got to the party early and help put candles on the table. i can totally see that. i love her

  16. giselle joseph says:

    Jennifer is glowin in that dress

  17. jajceboy says:

    Jennifer Garner!
    I see what you did there Ellen, mentioning former boyfriends former wife.
    Well played!

  18. William Ortiz says:

    Sofia Vergara is still the queen of this game! Hilarious

  19. Gilliana Hope says:

    Hello Jennifer Hudson exists too 😂

  20. Dachdog says:

    Lol, she’s Latina. She’s late. And she can cook. That’s stock DNA hahaha.

    • Deep Lama says:

      what does that mean? Stock DNA? (serious)

    • oxygen says:

      +Deep Lama I think they mean by the base dna haha like how eastern European love to drink, and as their example is Latinos are late and can cook. It’s like a stock car (stock means basic model that every car comes with haha)

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