Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

“Second Act” stars Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves. Is Jennifer Lopez from the block? Is Leah Remini Mexican? How did Jennifer get the role of Selena? How do you pronounce Leah’s last name? Jennifer and Leah answer all these questions and more!

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Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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69 Responses

  1. Md Pro says:

    Can they answer their own questions please? Bye

  2. Bjarki Bergmann says:

    Man they looked like they hated being there. Especially Leah

  3. Ben Phillips says:

    Leah Remini is actually cringy in this one

  4. ScarlettP says:

    Is there something wrong with Leah’s lips?! It looks werid when she smiles at 1:00

  5. Ella L. says:

    This was so weird… it made me feel uncomfortable…

  6. Tephanie Gil says:

    It’s not funny if they’re not going to answer the questions

  7. Mariachiloco1231 says:

    I like their chemistry, dark sense of humor with a little of sarcasm.

  8. Rob Rouse Jr says:

    Leah was highkey annoying

  9. Aaron Thomas says:

    Was there another interview scheduled in 3 minutes? Was it your editor’s last day? Were they in a panic for their lives? Did they died?

    • morgan lololol says:

      I feel like a lot of these interviews turn out that way. No one looks like they wanna be there and always seems rushed. Half the people don’t understand what they are doing. Then people don’t answer the questions. It makes wired and the actors look bad.

    • Daniel Stuart says:

      Notice they said they were at the four seasons. They probably did this at a press thing where they do interviews about their movie with different places for hours. Imagine spending hours answering the same questions and then Wired is like “okay so for our time restrained interview here’s your interactive google cards”. I’d be like wtf is this too.

    • yo Alex says:

      They are done in hotel rooms. So that could be a reason

  10. Kateland says:

    This was the worst wired autocomplete.

  11. Alessandro Alderyan says:

    Is jennifer lopez going to answer her question on her own?

  12. T G says:

    I love them but this was one of the most disappointing episodes. Sorry, ladies, bring better attitude next time.

  13. Me Just Me says:

    I don’t understand how every. single. person who has done one of these autocomplete interviews always questions the “what are they up to / doing right now” question. Clearly the people googling mean career-wise. Like what are they working on at the moment. Every. Single. Time. it comes up in these autocomplete interviews the person is all creeped out or say “an autocomplete interview!” every. single. time. I’d like for ONE person, EVER to understand the question, lol. It annoys me to death.

    (I’m not complaing about JLo, or Leah, or anyone in particular so don’t snap at me. It’s the one question and the way it’s always answered in these videos that bugs me.)

    • Dinko Herrera says:

      yes! this! don’t they have a producer on set that can take 2 minutes to explain the concept and provide some context to the questions?

    • Sleepy Lion says:

      I am confident they know what they mean, most people don’t answer the questions sincerely.

    • Psychedelic Rockstar says:

      I personally didn’t care, but I support your struggle because of your attention to detail!

      …. it was the “every. single. time.” that sold me!!!! ??

    • Brianna Taylor says:

      Goldie Hawn answered it sweetly! She talked about building a new house & working with kids with her organization.

  14. koppolu vyuhitha says:

    Hands down the most annoying wired interview ever.

  15. Csaba H. says:

    Usually these videos are funny. This is not one of them.

  16. Sara Magalhães says:

    Worst Autocomplete Interview ever!

  17. Allen Payne says:

    Ok, there are some questions that i actually wanted them to answer. Leah seems like that friend that you love but you know you can’t take her anywhere

  18. bogardeth says:

    “Google it!”

    … they did.

  19. says:

    It feels like Jennifer wasn’t in the mood during most of the press time for this movie 🙁

  20. Bailey E says:

    This whole thing was so uncomfortable….

    “Leah Remini birthday” “GOOGLE IT!”
    …Uh that’s what these people were doing….

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