Jennifer Lopez – Limitless from the Movie “Second Act” (Official Video)

Jennifer Lopez – Limitless from the Movie “Second Act” (Official Video)

Music video by Jennifer Lopez performing Limitless from the Movie “Second Act” (Official Video). (C) 2018 Gypsy Life Inc./STX

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46 Responses

  1. Justun Bodden says:

    It’s so obvious Sia wrote this LOL

  2. bert Kim lee says:

    Her daughter looks like mini Jennifer..

  3. Mixer & Harmonizer says:

    JLo did it again!She managed to make her fans be so proud of her!!!!

  4. Miranda Grant says:

    The message is so powerful and inspirational it’s so nice that she put her daughter in the video .jlo is so beautiful and youthful I swear she never ages at all yas slay queen ?

  5. matteo desiati says:

    Beatiful song with a great meaning and also a great video #perfect #secondact #jlo #limitless

  6. Yanira Renfurm says:

    I’m speechless.! Just watching the video make me feel powerful. ♥️♥️♥️

  7. Hesham Hamed says:

    Singer,song writer,Director, professional Dancer and actress briefly Jlo is an alive legend ???❤️❤️

  8. Fan Medias says:

    We need the album in spanish and in english

  9. Millie Rodriguez says:

    So nice to see her daughter Emme with a cameo, you go girl. ?

  10. Rosario Olmos says:

    Antes del 1 millon??

  11. LUISA GOMEZ says:

    El mejor video del mundo!! Tan emocionados de ver a Emme por primera vez en un vodeo clip tuyo ??❤??? Son las mejores!

  12. Jennifer Lopez says:

    Thank you so much for watching and chatting with me during the #Limitless launch!

  13. Vita Brkt says:

    Beautiful song.
    J Lo’s daughter did a really good job in a video.

  14. The Vibe Guide says:

    She doesn’t age.

  15. Xavier Carvajal says:

    Jlo: Bailarina, cantante, diseñadora, coreografa, actriz, productora y ahora DIRECTORA creativa, pues sí déjenme decirles este video fue dirigido exactamente por ella. No hay cosa que ella no puede realizar y sé que para mí, como para millones de personas ella es un rol de persona a seguir. #Limitless

  16. Tophits song says:


  17. Priscilla Barnes says:

    Omg i almost cried see this video i am so proud of JLO and her daughter emme and i am proud to be a woman

  18. Mariem Maryouma says:

    Who’s before 1 millions views ? ???

  19. 2000s Artists says:

    Jlo the best, a role model for every new artist, #JenniferLopez until 2040?

  20. Fluox Trix Channel says:

    quero esse Álbum o mais rápido possível

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