Jeopardy! First: Tiebreaker | JEOPARDY!

Jeopardy! First: Tiebreaker | JEOPARDY!

In the case of a tie at the end of Final Jeopardy!, we give one final “tiebreaker” clue. Watch the end of today’s episode and head to for the full explanation!

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JEOPARDY! provides a test of knowledge across a variety of interesting subjects such as literature, history, science, the arts, and pop culture.

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JEOPARDY!, America’s Favorite Quiz Show®, and its host, Alex Trebek, began their 34th season in syndication on September 11, 2017. With 23 million viewers each week, JEOPARDY! is the top-rated quiz show on television, and has won many awards and distinctions over the course of its 30+ years on the air, including the 2017 Emmy for Outstanding Game Show. The show holds a Guinness World Records® record for the most Emmy® Awards won by a TV game show (34 Emmys). In 2014, JEOPARDY! won the inaugural Writers Guild of America award for Outstanding Writing for a Quiz and Audience Participation Show; it is also the recipient of a 2011 Peabody Award. JEOPARDY! is produced by Sony Pictures Television, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company; it is distributed domestically by CBS Television Distribution and internationally by CBS Television International, both units of CBS Corp.

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63 Responses

  1. CrispyMiner says:

    The first tie game after 54 years being on air holy shit!

  2. heyyyyyynow says:

    Alex can you please tell Laura that I am in love with her?

  3. N7 Bullseye says:

    I saw that last night. Crazy how it’s the first time.

  4. Charles Lumia says:

    Why did you change the rules for tied games?

    I like the change. I always thought it was silly for the tied players to move on. Just wondering why the change came.

  5. Drunken Master II says:

    First tie game ever and that’s how he hype that shit up? Let’s hope to not have that again tomorrow…  can he be more emotion less?

    • Joe Schmoe says:

      It’s not the first tie on Jeopardy you dumbass, they just changed the rules. Previously, if there was a tie all tied contestants won, got to keep the money and moved forward to the next show. Several contestants have purposely created ties as gifts to other contestants.

    • Alexander Wong says:

      Man why do people keep thinking it’s the first tie ever. It literally says first tie breaker. How can there be not a tie for the past half century that this show had been around. There has even been triple ties.

    • Drunken Master II says:

      Joe Schmoe hey I don’t watch Jeopardy, how am I supposed to know they changed the rules. I just expected a little bit more emotions.

  6. Nico The Rabbit says:

    What do you call fans of Star Trek and Jeopardy?

  7. Ryan Conrath says:

    I’m not particularly crazy about Jeopardy, but this is good stuff. For Trebek to transition like that, without missing a beat and foregoing the requisite fanfare, into the first tie breaker of his 32 year tenure as host is Zen as fuck.

  8. Endyo says:

    I thought that would be a little more ceremonial considering it’s never happened before. I’m glad they even knew what to do because he didn’t really explain what was about to happen.

    • Todd Justman says:

      Yeah I’m positive they probably took 30 minutes to work out what to do and how to do it. It takes hours to make these shows. Source: was on a game show once

    • Brennan Sapp says:

      Jason Gates look up Jeopardy! 3 way tie first time ever march 16 2007

    • chancellorofelona says:

      They’ve actually recently added new rules disallowing two tying, returning champions to come back for the next show.

      This is the first tie, needing a breaker, since the rule change.

    • Jason Gates says:

      Thanks Brennan Sapp.

    • film79 says:

      Under1The2Bridge3 actually on Reddit Laura said it caught everyone off guard and took a while to set up. They apparently had to stand with their backs to the screen just in case the question popped up while the loaded it.

  9. MrSatchelpack says:

    I bet Laura would’ve been pissed if Sarah had won just because her response button registered first. Seems like she knew the answer too but was clearly in second place at the end of the game.

  10. Game on joe says:

    Well don’t get all excited

    • Gravity Falls Canada says:

      Game on joe
      Lol, why is this horse shit on trending? I know that the trending page is rigged and all but they can’t even put something valuable up there?

    • Game on joe says:

      Gravity Falls Canada it’s bot on trending tho…

    • jack p says:

      Gravity Falls Canada judging by your writing, trivia and knowledge aren’t your thing. Keep scrolling though, maybe you’ll find something about Slim Jim’s, Marlboro Reds or Mountain Dew.

    • Gravity Falls Canada says:

      jack p
      Lol you’re an idiot. The trending page is ridged… It’s been a fact for a while now…

    • BlahBlahFreeman says:

      It’s on trending because Jeopardy has been on the air for longer than you’ve been alive, and a tie-breaker has never happened before. That in and of itself is interesting enough.

  11. Brian Flanagan says:

    The winner looks like Miranda Kerr…so cute

  12. Lee Barlow says:

    That was… extremely anti-climactic.

  13. dzima7 says:

    That’s whack. Go back to two winners.

  14. Michael Allen says:

    So basically this was decided by who pressed the button at the right time? That’s some bullshit

  15. Mike Bison says:

    They managed to tie and the guy made enough money to buy a fast food box meal.

  16. キティニャー says:

    she’s hot

  17. jeff dimirra says:

    I’ll take cutest jeopardy contestant ever for 1200 please. who is laura 💌

  18. HardRockMiner says:

    Jeez calm down Alex.

  19. Anon1993 says:

    Wheel of Fortune is way more lit.

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