Jeremih – I Think Of You ft. Chris Brown, Big Sean

Jeremih – I Think Of You ft. Chris Brown, Big Sean

Music video by Jeremih performing I Think Of You. (C) 2017 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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20 Responses

  1. DJ Razer Sharp says:

    Chris Brown & Big Sean Killed it Fire

  2. Jav Tiss says:

    S/O to all yall here before it blows up.

  3. Ej Saint Parras says:

    chris always???

  4. Daniel Vai says:

    “Peta pika picka pan dan’s the man with the salsa in his danceee, yah babyyy” Like of you saw them ??

  5. Noah Oficial says:


  6. Aaron Watson says:

    Same set as Yeah 3X

  7. Nicky BajzaOfficial says:

    Chris Is never gonna fail ( his verse was fire ? who agree ??

  8. Koen Acfalle says:

    Who here for Chris brown and big Sean?

  9. Ishmael Freckleton says:

    Whos here before 1 million views!!!!

  10. JustWatch Tv says:

    Who else is here before this gets a million views?

  11. Jonathan Nkita says:

    Chris brown killed his verse as usual !

  12. ron s says:

    Back to the gold standards of 90s r&b…

  13. Chris Brown Videos Official says:

    Team Breezy where you at?

  14. Alberto Penzo Doria says:

    Chris, the legend, saved the song and the video with his moves

  15. Sagar Daryanani says:

    2:48 “Oh no baby, what is u doin”

  16. Larry Pacome says:

    it’s only me or Jeremih looks a bit like P.Diddy ?

  17. GreenBoy says:

    Big Sean, damn he is the best, his part is fire !! Do you agree with me people ? Btw, if some weed brother is reading this, check giveaway website, you can get new bong for about 3 days. Google for “gwbng420” and you will find it. Delivery is also free, don’t worry because this is sponsored by Snoop D.

  18. Monkey D. Luffy says:

    Breezy lit af?

  19. Alain Bruno says:

    Jeremih is a talented artist.

  20. Thomas Williams says:

    Can you please come check out my new vid #djird2 Thank youuu

    #djird2 #djird2

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