Jeremy Lin – A Day in the Life: All-Star Break

Jeremy Lin – A Day in the Life: All-Star Break

Hope you guys had a Happy Chinese New Year!

Hopefully the stories in this video encourage us to not jump to conclusions about individuals going through a time of homelessness, but to graciously love them and be willing to hear their stories.

I know meeting Louis, Kevin and Angel was an invaluable experience for me.

For more info on how to connect with your homeless neighbors get in contact with your local United Way (

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19 Responses

  1. Elijah Kim says:

    Yay ur still making videos

  2. Jerrod Voong says:

    You’re one of my favorite basketball players for a reason. It’s been a
    tough year for you this year, and my favorite team the Los Angeles Lakers.
    But you guys have put in work and regrouped, and though you guys won’t make
    the playoffs this year, hopefully next year you guys surprise some people.
    I really hope you stay with the Lakers, but wherever you go your fans will
    support. You have really stayed true to what you said this video. I can see
    the work you put in during the All-star break. Your mentality has been more
    aggressive, you’ve been under control, and you’re playing phenomenal. Keep
    grinding Lin. 

  3. Rob Taggart says:

    Heya JL not a big BB fan but dude huge respect for the person you are and
    that you are also a great athellite.

  4. aeroscope says:

    Did anyone see his towel at the end? does it say gay?

  5. Will Tan says:

    I hope Mitch and Jim can find a way to lock you in the purple and gold
    armor for life. If not and another team pays you more money I will root for
    your success for the rest of your career no matter what. Personally I think
    the Spurs style of play under the great Greg Poppovich is a perfect fit for
    you and yes that makes me really sad to admit that as a die hard Laker fan

  6. Michael LL says:

    Jermery! Learn how to use chopstick properly!

  7. 陳政宏 says:

    豪哥~竟然不是開 volvo 而是開 AUDI A6

  8. 小妮子 says:

    請允許我分享到我的粉絲團 ^^

  9. Stephen Wong says:


  10. John Mayer says:

    STEP YOUR GAME UP! Train instead of fucking making videos.

  11. Kris Alcordo says:

    What car is Jeremy Lin Driving?

  12. mintychoc5 says:

    love you Jeremy! God bless~

  13. siutalccc says:

    Lin, thanks for sharig. and best wishes to you. Keep it up!

  14. Dion Šušulić says:

    finally! i’ve been waiting for this for half a year

  15. Stefan Nguyen says:

    God bless you dude

  16. Stanley Chao says:

    What a great phrase “never judge a book by its cover” !

  17. kwong ho lau says:

    What ever you go to which team i also will support you

  18. Giang Khuat says:

    I don’t know if you will see this comment, Jeremy, but you are my role
    model. I look up to your hard work, success, and humble heart. Thank you
    for spreading the love and please keep posting <3 

  19. Explicity says:

    big improvement lin, great progress. Proud of you.