Jerry Seinfeld Is Tired of Political Correctness – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jerry Seinfeld Is Tired of Political Correctness – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seinfeld says “there’s a creepy PC thing out there that really bothers me.”
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Jerry Seinfeld Is Tired of Political Correctness – Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Spawn says:

    Yeah, you morons never crossing the line…you are saints.

  2. Jennifer Vanelli says:

    +Thomas Vanelli you should appreciate this. We talk about the PC world all
    the time.

  3. ExtrovertedCenobite says:

    Jerry, the problem is that you are not relevant and you are not funny.

    You lucked out with the show but your stand up has always been boring and
    pathetic. Even on your own show back in the day they eliminated your stand
    up routine from the beginning and ending of the show in very short order.

    The talent of stand up comedians is great, your humor is boring and sucks.
    It is not political correctness that you have a problem with, it is the
    fact that you are irrelevant and boring.

  4. lithium2370 says:

    Finally people are looking at the LUNACY taking place in colleges and the
    media with political correctness.

  5. Arminius says:

    Um… I don’t think Obama would have been depicted in a Nazi magazine.
    Obama wasn’t even a twinkle in his baby daddy’s eye.

  6. ashken79 says:

    PC is cultural Marxism on steroids.

  7. Wood Heat says:

    The first amendment trumps PC 100% of the time.

  8. proximalpha says:

    Whether or not you agree with Seinfeld, this clip is a good example of how
    talk shows should be — unscripted, genuine and maybe even awkward. Not the
    pre-packaged promotional bullshit we are so used to being shoved down our

  9. B-Rad Gluckmen says:

    Comedy is the only truth left out there and Jerry will defend the craft

  10. Nick Carlson says:

    good for jerry people are just so stupid with their political corectness

  11. Sue E says:

    Jerry needs to put on his big girl panties and get over it. Everybody gets
    criticism and honestly, if you can’t get through a set without telling some
    lame, overdone joke based on stereotypes then you aren’t that funny to
    begin with.

    Also, he should apologize for Bee Movie.

  12. Lolz Three says:

    To all the PC people. What’s the difference between a joke and two dicks?
    You can’t take a joke.

  13. A.J. Wilkes says:

    It’s interesting, because saying “flamboyant French Monarch” is a funny
    image. Saying “gay” like a middle-schooler is just bad writing.

  14. elgransick says:

    1:05 “I can imagine a time…” That already happens Jerry…

  15. kab4292 says:

    Jerry is 100% right. These days everybody is so easily offended.

  16. ryukdluffy says:

    SJWs and feminist. Ruining everything.

  17. Steven Fallon says:

    Seinfeld completely owns those tools in this clip. Never stop speaking out
    against the PC disease, Jerry!

  18. Narcase says:

    He meant “he,” right?

  19. cindy schultz says:

    The joke is hysterical and Seinfeld is right.

  20. williamthebrit says:

    Jerry Seinfeld says people get offended too easily, people are offended by
    that statement.