Jerry Seinfeld Shames Every Older Man for Wearing Jeans

Jerry Seinfeld Shames Every Older Man for Wearing Jeans

Jerry Seinfeld chats with Jimmy about the warmth and horror of Thanksgiving, turning his family into comedy props and when it’s time for older men to retire “cool jeans.”

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Jerry Seinfeld Shames Every Older Man for Wearing Jeans


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72 Responses

  1. Spiderous says:

    Jerry is sitting there killing it, and Jimmy is just…. there… laughing…. fake laughing.
    EDIT: OK! that “it depends” joke at the end killed me, I guess you’re alright Jimmy.

  2. New Message says:

    Jimmy has definitely gotten yelled at about using her in a joke.

  3. Kramerica Industries says:

    I still want them to start making seinfeld again.
    I wish they would find and release 10 more “forgotten” seasons or something!

  4. Find Out Loosers says:

    oh i love him… i watch him on cars with others comediants sooo hilarious… ps. why he never goes to curb ur enthusiasm? would be awesomeeeee
    ps. i wonder his neighbours seeing a kid tied to the garage lol (i would totally set him free lol)

  5. Alicia Geesman says:

    Jimmy seems like a really nice guy. He’s a disaster as an interviewer, really hard to watch.

  6. Theresa Kleven says:

    The combo of these two just playing off each other is great!

  7. Dungener says:

    why is he yelling all the time?

  8. rekha mandavilli says:

    “it depends”😂🤣🤣🤣

  9. Clijano says:

    *in seinfeld’s voice*

  10. Insomniac Maniac says:

    Jerry Seinfeld is an extremely clever comedian

  11. Shiroshika says:

    “You can’t do 15 mins?”….oh sneaky Jerry, the shade of it all….XD

    • Yokie Miller says:

      He is probably annoyed by Jimmy’s lack of work ethic. Jimmy seems to take a shot of whatever he’s drinking and walk out on stage.

  12. MaleckaInes says:

    Jerry is interviewing himself… nice

  13. amal zuhair says:

    Please don’t hate me but I don’t find this guy funny

  14. P0ETICsin says:

    If Fallon ever gets arrested and the judge court reads him his crime and he still giggles half way then Ill know he’s laughter is genuine.

  15. Keithnicity says:

    I love Jerry and he’s a hero of mine but… no one tries out bits on talk shows more obviously than Jerry. He doesn’t even try to act conversational. He might as well just say right off the top “Jimmy I’m glad to be here, nice to see ya, I’m gonna work out some bits…”

    • Depression Beard says:

      Keithnicity Thats because no one else tries out new bits on talk shows period. It takes balls to do that. And I would happily choose to watch Seinfeld test out bits on talk shows over all the other comedians who actually do OLD BITS on talk shows that I’ve already seen them do in their stand up specials.

    • Jeremy Smith says:

      Haha. Srsly. That was awesome. That’s rly all i wanted anyway

    • kh2freek says:

      Jerry is old school. Back in the day, comedians did not pretend to have a conversation with Johnny, they would just do their comedy AT him.

      @Depression Beard no way dude. Most comedians do not rehash bits from released specials for talk show appearances, that would be career suicide

  16. Syed H says:

    Kinda felt like Jerry was interviewing Jimmy instead of Jimmy interviewing Jerry

  17. JR Raven says:

    Most older men lose the butt, ( like they have no butt) so yeah jeans don’t look good on them…. Lol

  18. Bernadette Teaches Music says:

    “I did half of your monologue tonight”
    Savage, Jerry. 😎 I like it.

  19. Loves Life and Laughs says:

    Jimmy looked really uncomfortable…when Jerry kept saying “men our age” it reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw in the SATC 2 movie saying to Samantha “uh women who are NOT our age, shouldn’t be saying women our age” Jerry has 20 years on Jimmy! I don’t know why he’s talking like they’re both over sixty+ Jimmy’s too nice, but it would have been hilarious if he was like ‘speak for yourself old man!’ 😂

  20. Taye Nic says:

    “All dads dress in the style of the last good year of their lives” that’s hilarious

    • De E says:

      so true and something I always noticed, and when an adult does try and dress in whatever is hip among the young people they are always looking ridiculous

    • Gerry Dooley says:

      +De E One of the things I’ve noticed is that all males dress the same now. When I was a kid adults didn’t dress like kids or teenagers, they dressed like adults. Now everyone dresses the same. Maybe it’s the same for females as well.

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