Jerusalem violence: Deadly air strikes hit Gaza after rocket attacks – BBC News

Jerusalem violence: Deadly air strikes hit Gaza after rocket attacks – BBC News

Palestinian officials say 20 people have been killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza following Hamas rocket attacks.

It comes on a day of intense violence between Palestinians and Israeli police at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound – which is one of the most sensitive sites in Jerusalem. 300 Palestinians have been injured.

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42 Responses

  1. Power Reselling says:

    We are still cavemen, just with upgraded spears 🥲

    • Byron Nikdem says:

      @Allergic To Liberalism umm well I didn’t stated anything regarding my mentality. Anyway, thanks for showing that normal human mentality

    • Meni Weizmann says:

      @Rubik True, Islam is the latest religion out of 3 main religions.

    • Meni Weizmann says:

      I don’t understand why western world supports Islam, especially after 9/11. Wake up guys, lets fight for our freedom!

    • Byron Nikdem says:

      ​@Meni Weizmann It’s just my thought, but I believe all religion teach goodness. And the one responsible with world terror is terrorists who either fanatics with their religion, hiding behind islam, orpolitican’s pawn.

    • Meni Weizmann says:

      ​@Byron Nikdem I can see where you`re coming from, but saying that “Islam is the religion of peace”, it’s just like spiting on the faces of all Islamic terror attacks victims. But it’s all good, we’re kicking some asses here in Israel (;

  2. Jaya Narayan says:

    So basically mankind has made up its mind to die one way or the other.

  3. R Perez says:

    It’s so chaotic…we are still yet to mature as a species. Prayers going out to all around the world.

    • you-got-reported-fam says:

      @Twicce No. This is an *ethnic* conflict. It based on the Palestinians living in parts of Jerusalem that Jewish people are now claiming to be their homeland based on laws that only benefit them.

    • Twicce says:

      @you-got-reported-fam It all goes back to religion! Jews have travelled from eastern Europe and Colonized the land of others because of religion…. a holy land .. an alledged holy relationship to the land…!

    • Mutu Sami says:

      @you-got-reported-fam If it is an ethnic conflict,why do Palestinian call themselves “Mujeheddin” proudly.And the existence of Israel will ensure that the Caliphate of the Tawheed does not get established in the Middle East

    • dio rocks says:

      @Mutu Samiisrael as existed for 2000 years and the arabs don’t know shit about history, you must be Pakistani or banghali

    • Max Martin says:

      @dio rocks israel should be blown off the map!!!! Wipe the dirty terrorist fucks out for good!!!

  4. Harrel Sebastian Roy says:

    UN : I can’t hear you I’m blind 🤐

  5. mXn Rimau says:

    Even the hospital were bombed and every saving actions were disrupted. That is no humane.

  6. Emily says:

    “One day the descendent of those whose been humiliated, slaughtered will rise and when he did the cycle of hatred will start over again and again. The survived will always seek revenge”

    • Whyzed Ex says:

      @हिंदुत्व वाणी how aboutthe other 3.5billion muslims living peacefully. Dont you see? Isis alqaeda are all fueled by US money. This is a proxy war outcome. Dontbe so dumb, have a wider view of the events, Im sure youll find the truth.

    • عربي says:

      Despite what they did to the Palestinians and all this, the Palestinians do not want revenge?😑

    • J V says:

      Hence why genocide exists. No survivors.

    • heavy driver says:

      They will kill them too. SIMPLE 😭😶

    • Ashish Senapati says:

      @Hasnain Nazeer And how did the Muslims come to be in power in Jewish lands do you suppose? The entire Islamic Caliphate was built on violence. Only a fool would think this violence was not perpetrated towards the Jews

  7. libbad says:

    Oh dear. I’m afraid this will never, ever end. 😔

  8. KangSooBi says:


    • Santino Vergara Castro says:

      To be fair, the UN has condemned the Jewish settlements on the Palestinian side along with the human rights violations BUT since Israel doesn’t give a rat’s ass since Daddy USA is ok with it the situation will only get worse and it has.

    • Abraham Nettey says:

      Why are Countries like Pakistan, Quatar, and Saudi Arabia complaining about human rights 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Akbar Abbas says:

      @Abraham Nettey I am from Pakistan and i agreed but from Pakistan Government does not support any unrest but the other hand Israel government involved in these crimes, when our people or any Muslim from all over the world watch these things unrest comes up. even i new in Israel 17.5% Muslims are living with out any threat but these things happen unrest comes up every where..

    • Rose Madeleine says:

      UN = illuminati

    • N MBP says:

      UN: “Uhmm uhmm… Covid19 is still on going, better you guys go back to your home..ohh yeah, Peace”

  9. bugsz1 says:

    Dance while you violate Hashem’s Commandments.

  10. Mo Ahmed says:

    People say don’t let history repeat itself.if the people who suffer the most forgot how it feels when someone takes your home,your possessions (and your life)..why are we surprised when anyone else forgets?

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