Jesse Eisenberg Is the Batman v Superman Spotter

Jesse Eisenberg Is the Batman v Superman Spotter

Jesse Eisenberg admits he struggled to make a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice basketball scene look cool and describes working side by side with super-fit Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.

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Jesse Eisenberg Is the Batman v Superman Spotter

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20 Responses

  1. Josh Duncan says:

    so Smallvile’s Lex was into fencing BvS’s Lex is a baller okay i can dig it

  2. Giorgi Nemsitsveridze says:

    Sigourney Weaver > Jesse Eisenberg

  3. WheeledShooter94 says:

    No offense to Jesse Eisenberg’s acting, but he doesn’t look like Lex Luthor
    in the movie. Couldn’t he at least shave his head or something? Hopefully
    he will part way through the movie.

  4. Nora James says:

    The small laughs from Jessie Eisenberg. OMG. Stahp! :D

  5. JaMarvel says:

    Im expected a Shaq cameo cos he was Steel which is also a DC movie

  6. mary ball says:

    kitchen sink

  7. Chosh McGonnell says:

    so fidgety

  8. James Thomas says:

    This was hilarious!!

  9. LDMc says:


  10. Jay Kelley says:

    Might be the best interview Jesse has ever done. I have a feeling he will
    be the best villain of the year in a movie; comic book or otherwise. Can’t

  11. MrLasveguinhas says:

    I can’t believe their chemistry, I think I’ve never seen Jimmy and any
    other guest to be this linked. They should get married.

  12. John Cho says:

    @1982Nightwing Agree

  13. John Cho says:

    Who’s dick did he suck to get that Lex Luthor role… Horrible casting.

  14. Cloud Havoc says:

    I think that soon as Jesse Eisenberg hits puberty he will be an amazing Lex

  15. 008theone says:

    This is one of jimmys best interviews but I want to say it’s thanks to

  16. Matthew9j says:

    Jessie Eisenberg is the definition of awkward #FuckJessieEisenberg

  17. youmeandi100 says:

    like this man, yes exactly, he has a quick wit, yes, for sure, exactly

  18. Mia7189 says:

    I am weirdly attracted to Jesse Eisenberg. Amazing actor.

  19. Anisha Holden says:

    I like him so much… he’s like the calm version of Vince Vaughn in terms
    of how he speaks

  20. Takyon says:

    Yo, this nigga Jimmy Fallon just said there’s “good racism” …. WAT!