Jesse Williams’ fiery BET Awards speech

Jesse Williams’ fiery BET Awards speech

Actor Jesse Williams took on racism in a BET Awards speech that went viral. CBSN’s Meg Oliver has more.

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20 Responses

  1. ulimatereachsniper says:

    I find it funny that you can celebrate being black, you can celebrate every
    other race, but mention that your proud to be white and you are called a
    racist. Equality?

  2. dominion shadow says:

    notice how you can’t find the full speech on youtube. babylon cut it to
    talk about justin timberlake…

  3. ViralGameover says:

    People seem to be confusing compensation and hand-outs with equality.

  4. Adam Grindstaff says:

    ya down with white people, they enslave black people just like the black
    people in the Africa enslave black people today. time to put your big boy
    pants on, lol

  5. Keith says:

    I’m truly lucky and grateful to have been raised by parents that never once
    taught me or showed others prejudice. They grew up through the Civil Rights
    Movement and, like many at the time, could have easily grown into racist
    adults. Thankfully, they brought me up to be respectful and judge one’s
    character based upon their actions, not solely by appearances. I’m
    certainly not making them out like they’re perfect, no one is. But I’ve
    been proud for 24 years so far to call them my Mom and Dad.

    I honestly didn’t care about skin colors at any point back in school. I
    didn’t know it was even an issue for people until we first started learning
    about slavery. I won’t pretend to personally know what victims of racism go
    through, because I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I’m 100% ignorant on the
    reality of the subject or that I have no right nor place to have an opinion
    on it.

    If my 10 year old self could see this kind of treatment in society, knowing
    what I know now, he’d say: “Why are people being so stupid?” I appreciate
    only one thing Timberlake said, that “we’re all human”. I treat someone the
    way I would want to be treated, and if he/she gives me a problem, I just
    don’t associate with them. GOD FORBID, more people could do the same.

  6. Terrance Mooselips says:

    It tine foe wyte peoples to gibbs us wat day owes us,free bet tv and ebt

  7. Jeff Krutsinger says:

    “I got more yo” Isn’t it hypocritical to rant racist speech and an awards
    ceremony that segregates? Step down from your box wagon and go back to what
    you know. “Pretending to be a Dr. on TV’

  8. Ryan Roberson says:

    Meanwhile BET has done more to degrade black women than any other group of
    people in my lifetime.

  9. Icureditwithmybrain says:

    I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin,
    but by the content of their character. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  10. Mike Russell says:

    Everything is always the white man’s fault…Never any owning or taking any
    responsibility for actions..EVER!!! Where are the speeches from Jew’s or
    Indians or Asians.. I’m the poor poor black man With an aspiring acting
    career..Stop taking things away from me …. ????

  11. Danny Tennial says:

    The stupidity of whites to truth and history both past and present is
    EVIDENT on the comments. Racial profiling is evident in every institution
    in America. The .Tea Party and the obstructionist Republican leaders in
    Congress and the Senate are all present day reminders that blacks aren’t
    playing either “the race card” or “victim” card. White denial of the
    continue workings of systematic white supremacy in this country is WHY a
    politician like Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president. Now
    whites want to hypocritically whine that blacks are the racists while being
    the ONLY ONES BENEFITTING FROM RACISM. The devils hate to be known as

  12. R&K life says:

    who is this idiot? is he supposed to be someone we should know? all I see
    is a racist black man telling black people that white people are racist.
    Loo, slavery is over, has been for many, many years. Don’t blame white
    people for something black slave traders did generations ago. Nobody owns
    any slaves today(that I know of) so quit your bitching. My bad, it’s hard
    i’m sure for a bitch to not bitch. just saying. You want to make a
    statement, go to a KKK meeting, and make that speech. If you can even find
    a KKK meeting. Because no one cares anymore. Grow up

  13. nyck Hewks says:

    “It’s kinda basic mathematics”. “what we have been doing is looking at the
    data”. Where are his facts at and data? He has no facts or data that will
    back up what he is saying. What white people are seeing is black people
    killing black everyday with no outrage in these communities. Then a cop
    kills a black person and they are riots in the streets. Hypocrites. When
    killing is wrong in general and not just when a white person kills a black.
    That is when we will hear you out. Until then look at the facts and you
    will see black males are being killed by blacks far more often than by the
    hand of white police officers.

  14. rob be'nyce says:

    bigot entitlement network

  15. jstang34 says:

    wait what? last i checked whites are definitely killed more often than
    blacks by cops

  16. Antonio James says:

    You’re half white Jesse Williams, and you’re only famous for being on Greys
    Anatomy…which the majority of people who watch that show are white.

  17. Michael Kwitkowski says:

    It is stupid, blacks seem to enjoy being able to cry and complain about
    everything and all because they want to dominate. I am not racist, but I do
    not agree with anyone of any color that thinks it is OK to push agenda’s
    that you want, on others.

  18. Rabinowitz Shekelstein says:

    Niggers wouldn’t be anything without some other race helping you sub-human
    shit skins.

  19. Liaison DeFrance says:

    Why do black people continue to take ‘racist’ money to work in horribly
    racist Hollywood? They all can’t get together and make something good? BTW,
    awards shows on television, that is misappropriation of white culture.

  20. Aphotic Galaxy says:

    So tired of all this black rights bs get over it we die too Jesus it’s not
    only blacks who die everyone dies