Jessi (제시) – ‘ZOOM’ MV

Jessi (제시) – ‘ZOOM’ MV

Jessi (제시) – ‘ZOOM’ MV

MV Executive Producer: P NATION
MV Director: 하이퀄리티피쉬 (HIGHQUALITYFISH)
Composed by: PSY, 유건형, bayb
Lyrics by: Jessi, PSY, bobblehead, 염따
Arranged by: 유건형, bayb
Mixed by: Stay Tuned @Stay Tuned Studio
Mastered by: 권남우 @821 Sound Mastering

* ‘ZOOM’ is now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music & Spotify.

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23 Responses

  1. Katriinka says:

    I think her singing voice is so underappreciated. She is a great singer with bold and innovative style. She exudes *CONFIDENCE*

  2. Fernanda Alvarez says:

    Jessi singing voice is heaveeeeen, everything is on point as always, what a Queen <3

  3. Oli Oli Oxen says:

    This was amazing! The choreo? The visuals? Chefs Kiss! She’s such an amazing artist that is still underappreciated to this day and I will never get why. Great job Queen!

  4. Jkami__97ッ says:

    Es muy pegajosa y genial,nunca superare la edición del final con el cuerpo de Jessie y la cara de PSY 🤣💜

  5. Cherisse Tillman says:

    This was fun to watch and I love hearing her sing. I love her voice

  6. Jeancof says:

    Linda arrasando sempre…nunca erra né?

  7. Domenica says:

    Grande Jessi Rompiendola como siempre Te amamos!

  8. Unknown Trash says:

    JESSI DANCING JUST MAKES MY WHOLE DAY BETTER!!! Plus her vocals “chef kiss” i need for vocal songs girl ❤️

  9. Laku Kula says:

    Hermosa eleccion 1 🆕 Aishite.Tokyo/pangampihan de mejor
    2 ( elecciones ) 9.5/10
    3 ( culturales ) 9.3/10

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

  10. Lavadores Garrido Camila Alexandra- Presencial says:

    Como siempre Jessi haciendo tremendas joyitas ♡💕😊 Jessi diosa 😍🌺💕

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