Jessica Alba Brainstorms Names for Her Third Baby

Jessica Alba Brainstorms Names for Her Third Baby

Jessica Alba and Jimmy bounce around ideas for baby names for her third child, and she admits she’s forgotten everything she knew about taking care of a baby now that her kids are older.

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Jessica Alba Brainstorms Names for Her Third Baby

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20 Responses

  1. Nymul Ahmed says:

    jimmy always talks to guests about their babies. it’s a easy topic to talk about that pleases his guests. he even congratulates them like its the biggest achievement in their career

  2. JACK36AFC says:

    Unbelievable MILF

  3. tdubb3 says:

    I still jerk off to her in Idle Hands

  4. Nick Ronaldo says:

    She and Natalie Portman are my celebrity crush

  5. J Heezey says:

    Perfect opportunity missed! Name the baby Hashtag. Can’t believe Jimmy, Higgins and the audience all missed that golden opportunity!

  6. Charissa-Daniëlla Fischer says:

    Harbour. Honest. Honey. 😂😂

  7. Rihanna Fenty says:

    so she dont age neither? but when she did the dna she aint black so we cant say black dont crack here

  8. Do M says:

    My husband name is cash, no his name is lucky son of a bitch

  9. G.B.C. says:

    It’s nice to see an A List celebrity who hasn’t destroyed their face with plastic surgery.
    She is so beautiful.

  10. JREEL says:

    Name the baby after me.

  11. Ian Bonnar says:

    You should have called them Dollar, Penny, and Quarter

  12. Bryon Letterman says:

    Who is the man who is lucky enough to put his penis inside her vagina?

  13. Najjar Roger says:

    She s one of the prettiest girls after Emma Watson

  14. CuriousGoods says:

    She could go with names like Hayden, Hash, Hessica, Hudson, Henna…

  15. Edison says:

    Hector, Hugo, hunter, honor

  16. Marcus Wellz says:

    we got internet for the first time when i was 9 and i used to search “jessica alba naked” on google images. i didn’t know search history was a thing and my christian parents grounded me. still rub one out to her to this day.

    the end

  17. Taylor Ahlvers says:

    How about Hero?

  18. Janse Brasileiro says:

    Could be Hodor…

  19. Nuhail Kusaibati says:


  20. S K says:

    Hail! I like that

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