Jets vs. Browns Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018

Jets vs. Browns Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018

The New York Jets take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 3 of the 2018 NFL season.

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90 Responses

  1. Jacob Harrell says:

    I’m going to say this year the browns will be 7-8-1

  2. Raymond Gagne says:

    Pats fan here.. I’ll be rooting for you guys this season. Looks like baker mayfield could be the real deal. Good luck to you guys

  3. Piggy!!! says:


  4. Mack McCoy says:

    Man, I just saw these highlights and it was CLEAR that the Browns played better on both sides when Baker came in the game. The run game was better, blocking was better, defense played better…everything. I have liked Tyrod since he was on my Ravens, but that locker room and those fans all want Baker Mayfield as the quarterback. #Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady 2.0#

    • MattH says:

      I agree but a lot of the reason the offense played better is that it had a QB who was releasing the ball much more quickly. I’ve always thought Taylor deserved more of a chance but he holds on for too long. Baker’s gets protection because he doesn’t need the pocket to last as long.

    • BradyistheSystem 5rings7mvps3allpros2opoy says:

      Actually, the Pats kept 4 qbs on the team his rookie year. So he showed enough promise to make the Pats do something that unusual. The same year he worked his way up from 4th to back up. With Bledsoe struggling and Belichick coming off a 5 win season and the struggles continuing in 2001 Brady would have got his shot sooner rather than later.

    • Repeal the 19th MGTOW says:

      You had me until you said Tom Brady 2.0. Slow your roll.

    • MattH says:

      There is one similarity to Brady. First time I saw Brady play you could see the confidence, a level of comfort in being a QB and a leader. I had no idea he would go on to be as good as he is, but you could instantly see that he could cope in the NFL. Baker has some of that. It doesn’t mean he’ll be anywhere near as good, but it’s a decent place to start a career.

    • BradyistheSystem 5rings7mvps3allpros2opoy says:

      I hope Hue isn’t stupid and sticks with Baker. Brady had 5 game winning drives his first season starting. His stats weren’t lighting up the sheet but the team bought into his confidence. I can see the same thing with Baker.

  5. Full Jacket says:

    amazing what a difference a good/bad kicker and QB can do for a team

  6. Troy Goodwin says:

    The Browns have finally escaped the pit of misery! #dillydilly #budlight

  7. Smoke Yt says:

    Those uniform are fire don’t @me

  8. Hardtobeabrownsfananymore64 says:

    Can’t believe Tyrod was mad at Calloway on that play. Wow.

  9. VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs says:

    I’m not even a fan of the browns

    But I’m so proud of them

  10. Day-me-in Moody says:

    Darnold losing to mayfield, colin cowherd is officially on suicide watch.

  11. Yoboiii PICKLE says:

    This win was *B A K E D* to perfection.

    Your tied with us in the division but oh well you deserve it Browns

  12. ThePittsburghKid22 says:

    When the browns are higher in the standings then the Steelers and Patriots 😭😭😭

  13. Alan Grey says:

    As a die-hard Detroit Lions fan i know how hard it’s been for the Cleveland Browns and their fans. The last 2 years I’ve been rooting for the Browns as well as my Lions. It’s always more rewarding when the underdog finally starts winning. Congratulations to the Cleveland Browns and all their fans.i

  14. Christian Perry says:

    From now on September 20th will be a national holiday

  15. Sage Henry says:

    Baker’s got a gun. Damn!

  16. Brian Hartman says:

    Brown’s defense is no joke. Ward is already candidate for defensive player of the year! Mayfield earned the starting position and we have a kicker. Callaway is a sleeper and Landry is our playmaker.

  17. bigjay215 says:

    I’m a Eagles fan and I’m telling you right now. that Brown’s defense is going to be a top 5 defense this year. Baker should be starting but they need a OL. Baker was throwing dimes all over the field with a collapsed pocket consistently. I like their running game though. Brown’s fans your team is are no longer the joke of the NFL, dare I say maybe Super Bowl contenders in a few years. It all starts with a good defense, a franchise qb and a complimentary running game. Looks like the browns have all 3. I’m anxious to see the direction they go in the future.

  18. MatthewRein1 says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this. But they need to start Mayfield if they want any type of offense this season. Tyrod just hasn’t been getting it done. Mayfield came in with little to know practice time and ran the offense like a 10 year vet. Mayfield should be one, and Tyrod two.

  19. Lore V says:

    I have been waiting for this moment since the Browns Chargers game back in 2016. Like if the Cleveland Browns have a place in your heart
    Let’s Go Browns!!

  20. Taze Wezq says:

    I told my self 635 days ago that I won’t bust a nut until the browns will again. And here we are

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