Jews Try Christmas For The First Time

Jews Try Christmas For The First Time

Everyone can celebrate Christmas!

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58 Responses

  1. Tina Perez says:

    Eric is really attractive

  2. Trash Lord says:

    I almost want the try guys to adopt Eric

  3. Manda Hartmann says:

    Wait Eric isn’t 21?

  4. Ana Banks says:

    Christians try Hanukkah next!

  5. Hallie Klopfenstein says:

    eric is literally the cutest thing ever. need me a nice jewish boy like him #jewcrew

  6. Ana Banks says:

    “YOU”VE BEEN JEWED” lmfaooooo oh my

  7. Saba Tesfamichael says:

    I love Keith! “Friends are supposed to wear it like this”

  8. Lesley George says:

    Wait what kind of career trajectory does Eric have being 20 and working at Buzzfeed???? like his linkedin must have been POPPING

    • noohlignuj says:

      You don’t need to have a college degree to work there. As long as you have good video ideas and make them $$$, they don’t care. Lots of the people that work at Buzzfeed have college degrees that have nothing to do with their jobs there.

    • Elliotte T says:

      I thought that too, and then I remembered hearing that Buzzfeed does a lot of internships, so Eric might have started with an Internship and then got hired on from there.

  9. Ani Rojas says:

    I hope The Try Guys adopt Eric

  10. Holly & Bear says:

    ” you’ve been jewed!” 😃😂😂

  11. Caras Life on the Farm says:

    I love that they didn’t take the tags off their sweatshirts 🙂

  12. Renea De Castro says:

    There should be a reverse video where Zack and Eric make Keith try Hanukkah !

  13. Lady Kata says:

    Eric and zach are so soft in this. I’m in love. ♥.♥

  14. Tahsin says:

    The new guy is really cute

  15. Gwyneth K says:

    ugh Eric is cute as hell

  16. Amanda White says:

    I vote to make Eric a Try Guy

  17. Rachel Wolman says:

    Sufganiot is jelly donut in Hebrew. But this is utterly fantastic. Also ironically Jews wrote most of the Christmas songs!

  18. Ryan Lee says:

    *the correct lord*

  19. Aaron Mather says:

    Eric for try guys 2018?????

  20. Logan Clary says:

    Petition for Eric to become a Try Guy

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