JID: Tiny Desk Concert

JID: Tiny Desk Concert

Bobby Carter | September 8, 2022
Everything JID does is intricately detailed. He seems to care much more than the average emcee, and throughout this entire production, I felt his strong desire to get it right. The weight was lifted from his shoulders at the midway point of the set as he turned to his band, saying, “We’re pretty hot guys. We’re pretty f***ing hot.” In this performance, recorded weeks before the release of his now widely praised third studio album, The Forever Story, the East Atlanta native performs songs from the album live for the first time, plus career-defining songs in ways we’ve never heard before.

The origin of JID makes up the puzzle pieces in The Forever Story. It’s the story of a kid with derailed football dreams, searching for purpose until it found him. These are tales that many kids from the inner city can relate to — but what sets JID’s story apart is that nobody raps like him. His music casts a wide net, considering history, family and hometown, and connecting with hip-hop enthusiasts and music nerds alike.

In these stripped-down versions of songs like “Never” and “Surround Sound,” the focus is on how JID can manipulate pitch, bend words and hop from one cadence to another. After he playfully cuts the “Usher tension,” he and his stacked band and backup singers close with the powerful and spiritual “Kody Blu 31.”

“Workin Out”
“Off da Zoinkys”
“Surround Sound”
“Kody Blu 31”

JID: vocals
Najinga Luster: vocals
Rashida Chitunda: vocals
Teja Lanier Veal: bass
Grady Housworth: trombone
Allan Knighton: saxophone
Michael Cruse: trumpet
Samuel Williams: keys
Divante Davis: drums

Producer: Bobby Carter
Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin
Director: Kara Frame
Creative Director: Bob Boilen
Editor: Joshua Bryant
Videographers: Kara Frame, Joshua Bryant, Michael Zamora, Alanté Serene
Audio Assistant: Andie Huether
Production Assistants: Jill Britton, Joby Tanseco
Tiny Desk Team: Suraya Mohamed, Marissa Lorusso, Hazel Cills, Ashley Pointer, Maia Stern
VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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28 Responses

  1. Sabrina Lugano says:

    JID is here to stay. Still slept on but the people will wake up. He’s gonna keep growing

    • Mera The says:

      Stop, he’s not slept on

    • Dickens mtonga says:

      Just knew am a real fan coz I know every song in this concert

    • william fiore says:

      I love JID but don’t really know why people say he’s slept on or underrated still. He’s got over 21 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is actually the 177th most played artist in the WORLD on Spotify. He’s totally getting his flowers and recognition ATM. I know tons of underground hip hop artists like Chuuwee and Dot Demo to name a couple that are extremely skilled goat level artists with a fraction of those numbers. JID is really pushing into the mainstream now all without sacrificing the sound I’ve always loved from him though and I’m glad for it. Definitely agree that his popularity is only gonna increase still forsure. No longer being slept on.

    • JoHnny Ambriz says:

      @jeremy lander worded perfectly.

    • Joe DeAquino says:

      slept on? Dude is borderline A list celebrity lol but i know what you mean kids nowadays really only listening to Lil baby and Yeat everyone that actually has bars are apparently trash or corny makes no sense

  2. Wesley says:

    When he said he was doing “a little more singing” on this track, and the one back up singer clapped her hands as to show how excited and happy she is for him to actually be confident in his singing is just wonderful to see. Being supportive and excited for others is a beautiful thing.

    • Jacob Larrison says:

      I remember watching an interview with him from probably 3 years ago and he talking about how he wanted to sing a lot more. It’s cool to see he’s finally getting comfortable with his music and letting loose.

  3. So MixedUp says:

    Everyone looked emotional towards the end.. like they were so proud of themselves for pulling it off and so thankful for the opportunity to be there. Loved every second of this.

  4. SwelloHD says:

    this man’s control in his flow and verses is insane. he makes it sound effortless

  5. Jay NH says:

    Jid hace cosas muy chingonas, mucho amor para JID & todos ❣️

  6. nado says:

    rappers with live jazz bands needs to be a standard, every single tiny desk like that has been phenomenal. the audio mixing is god tier also

  7. Hoodbine says:

    My expectations for this were unrealistically high… and then it surpassed them. I was a huge fan of JID already then he drops this gem on top of AOTY in the span of a couple weeks. I’m so happy right now.

  8. Jake says:

    I’ve seen quite a few rap shows live and there’s just something about watching a performance with artists singing and playing instruments live instead of a supporting DJ playing everything. This was phenomenal! As is pretty much every rap artist I’ve seen featured on Tiny Desk

    Been a JID fan. Bigger fan now!

  9. Joe khangman says:

    Never is arguably even a more sinister beat in this orchestral rendition. Love it

  10. Vinny Maye says:

    This whole set is just beyond beautiful. Background singers, band, and JID himself killed this and chose the perfect songs for this.

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