“Jiggly Boy” Returns…and KG Approves

“Jiggly Boy” Returns…and KG Approves

On the night of KG’s return, one longtime fan was turning heads. Even KG couldn’t help but notice.
From 2/25/15 Timberwolves vs. Wizards.

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20 Responses

  1. c4v3rao says:

    USA you’re the best

  2. Mert Çetin says:

    Tüylerim diken diken oldu amk

  3. Jimsta N says:

    This is funny though.

  4. Roman Mikishko says:

    Крутой, блять, мужик!))

  5. Blue 32 says:

    That may have been rehearsed but it was still a great way to entertain. I
    enjoyed it.

  6. Ortus Globall says:

    Позитивное видео, спасибо!

  7. Daniel Danielsen says:


  8. PhiloAmericana says:


  9. Ayisha G says:

    Yasssss I love it!!! What a fun dad

  10. Saba Sarishvili says:

    That’s what Icall a TRUE FAN ! <3

  11. Aj Santos says:

    Back and even jigglier

  12. Александр Человеков says:

    Крутой мужик)))

  13. Vladimir Krainov says:

    Умеют люди болеть, искренне, с душой)

  14. DBauFrn says:

    boobs? did he said boobs? o_O? n he zoomed in on that 12 years old girl

  15. abdirahman abdi says:

    Name of the song please.

  16. Mario advaDFVADFVdv says:

    anda que no esta bueno ni na

  17. danielgr86 says:

    Huge KG!!!

  18. Dice Wise says:

    What a cutie!

  19. karakudabarakuda says:

    Can you tell me what’s the second song name ? Before ”yeah” Thanks

  20. Jewbag998 says:

    Awkward moment when he can dance better than you