Jiggly Cheese Cake REDO! Reading Mean (Inspiring) Comments

Jiggly Cheese Cake REDO! Reading Mean (Inspiring) Comments

I want to see you jiggle it. Just a little bit.

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20 Responses

  1. ThreadBanger says:

    Video starts at 8:57…

  2. zhanbi 3 says:

    I want it to rain here SOOO badly

  3. Nyuurix says:

    And now do a Galaxy/Black/Rainbow Jiggly Cheese Cake.. :’)))

  4. Heather D. says:

    You did an amazeballs job! I bake all the time and I feel like the jiggly cheesecake would be frustrating for me to make too. You go with ya bad witchy self!

  5. zdragonfly1974 says:

    Loved this!! Now I’m making one cause if you can do it just about anyone should be able to do it!! Giggle cake on

  6. bleach them adidas. says:

    omg I want corine to have lavender hair like if u agree

  7. Amber Penfold says:



  8. JJ Leigh says:

    lmao don’t be discouraged by their comments corinne you know we all love you

  9. J'aime les hamburgers says:

    Wooooohhhhh they wrote “petite bouquet” instead of “petit bouquet”
    I’m upset.

  10. KittyMcSwag_Swag says:

    Everybody down in comment be saying “the comments in the last video are rude” or “You shouldn’t listen to them corrineWe support 200%” I mean like, Where were yall even when the was hitting the fan? Standing there and looking at it happening. Lmao

  11. pls stop says:

    she really reminds me of Shane Dawson

  12. April L. Horan says:

    …hi ?? you need to get BETTER AT COOKING

  13. little alien says:

    its OK diy mom, I believe in you. you got this.

  14. C. C. Notting Photographie says:

    Ehm… where’s the recipe because I never have made cheesecake and never eaten… whaaaaaa…

  15. ye okay says:

    she’s acting like the weather is really bad but that’s scotland 7/10 days tbh

  16. Lion's Rainbow Galaxy says:

    Can this comment get 2k17 likes for this year guys

  17. Liz Houchens says:

    Corinne you and Rob are awesome keep doing what you’re doing you make me laugh every time I watch one of your videos and I can’t wait till the next one comes out.

  18. Underrated Logic #rattpackforlife says:

    DIY on YouTube, I’m doing rant on my YouTube channel.

  19. megan o connor says:

    #leavecorinnealone you do you gal! how many times do we really think it took the person who invented this to master

  20. Travys Artyst says:

    i have lolled. you have made me lol.

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