Jigzilla: the automatic puzzle solving machine (part 1)

Jigzilla: the automatic puzzle solving machine (part 1)

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I thought this would be a fun project to knock off my list after putting myself through the wringer with the automatic basketball hoop. I was wrong. This project is really hard. BUT that also makes it really interesting!

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33 Responses

  1. Stuff Made Here says:

    Huge thank you to everyone who helps support these projects via patreon. It makes it possible for me to spend so much time and money on projects like this. If you enjoy these videos please consider supporting them on Patreon at https://patreon.com/stuffmadehere so that I can continue to make increasingly bizarre and interesting stuff to share with all of you 🙂

    • TazTalksYouListen says:

      How many trips to stores do you make in an average day?

    • TazTalksYouListen says:

      Only one flaw in the video where I was surprised you missed an easy but huge opportunity:
      09:39 – Use a different color pen for TAKE 2
      Looking forward to the next vid.

    • Lecherous Cthulhu says:

      Post the github so people like me can come in and make the code stackoverflow good.

    • Larry Scott says:

      To help stabilize the table you might try adding weights to the underside.

    • Bill Killernic says:

      actually why not making a subchannel specifically to go through the software part for robotics hobbyists and programmer’s amusement ? 😛

  2. 3D Printer Academy says:

    You’re a Renaissance man for sure! Not many people have engineering, software, design, storytelling, and video production skills. Looking forward to part 2!

    • The Neverending Projects List says:

      @Mike-ology It’s called entertainment… no these guys are not saving the world they are merely entertainers. These videos are made to entertain people and I’m sure both of these people are inspiring others along the way to learn. Maybe one of those people will end up saving the world you never know. If you’re not here for the entertainment value why are you watching these videos… no offense but it seems like your comments are on the trollish end of things. Move on dude… go enjoy your day.

    • Ajay George says:

      @Mike-ology mark rober worker on the curiosity rover at nasa before he did youtube. What have you done with your life?

    • Isaac Ng says:


    • Mike-ology says:

      @The Neverending Projects List bitter? Lol, I’m not bitter. Just stating facts that unfortunately you see it as me being bitter. Which to me, means you agree with me. You haven’t really disagreed with me.

      Its like Mark Rober, another guy that makes useless stuff. What is the point in that? Making something no one would ever want, use or need?

    • The Neverending Projects List says:

      @Mike-ology Bitter… party of one… your table is ready.

  3. n0mad says:

    Honestly, as an engineering student I would LOVE a series that explains everything and the math involved

  4. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

    This channel needs 100 million subs, this amount of work is insanity 🤯 👏

  5. Karen Puzzles says:

    Oh no, you’re going to put me out of a job. I have tons of solid color puzzles it could practice with if you need more test subjects.

    • ABoojumSnark says:

      Glad to see you here. I just commented about wanting to see a puzzle race collab video with you when this machine is done.

  6. MX vOrtex says:

    Bro you’re resilience is just on another level. I’m working on table that uses a coreXY mechanism and I got stuck and after like 6 hours of no progress I genuinely considered giving up. You’re ability to push through problems is amazing.

  7. The Horizon says:

    Thinking about executing this hurts my head so much. Litterally every aspect sounds so complicated, and having to tie all of those together neatly sounds impossible. You are insane.

  8. C4 says:

    Been thinking about how to do something like this for a while; this implementation is honestly amazing and shows just how good Shane is at full-stack engineering. Insane how far the projects have come!

  9. Daniel Fernandes says:

    The pain that this man goes through to engineer all of this is incredible

  10. Artiamus Imura says:

    This feels like the sort of project where a different person/team would normally have each piece. One for the moving robot, one for a piece sorter algorithm, one for a solving algorithm, etc..

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