Jim Carrey Crashes Jeff Daniels’ CONAN Interview – CONAN on TBS

Jim Carrey Crashes Jeff Daniels’ CONAN Interview – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Conan surprises Jeff Daniels with an impromptu “Dumb & Dumber” reunion.

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56 Responses

  1. Gracieli Ambrósio says:

    Conan pls be friends with Jim Carrey

  2. Grantflip says:

    This was awesome !!! love how they greeted eachother

  3. Gracieli Ambrósio says:

    Can wait to see this ” thing ” that Conan and Jim are going to shoot together.

  4. Alienadin says:

    Since the moment I watched The Mask, I knew that Jim Carrey was a genius. His paintings and art is fantastic as well, and I come from a family of artists. He has a divine gift, which can be very painful to bear at times. I think he is such a remarkable man, and I wish he made more movies, but it’s OK if he wants to express himself differently now. Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are the best duo ever.

    • miketheg3 says:

      Alienadin exactly my thoughts

    • World Trends says:

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    • Paul S says:

      Billy Dee Cig
      Yeah hello, I find it remarkable that you can believe anything that is printed in that toilet paper/news paper, call The Sun, as I read through the article I noticed plenty of spelling and punctuation mistakes, also I don’t wish to speak I’ll of the dead, but some people can be very manipulative. Thank-you

  5. Eli G says:

    Jim Carrey is one handsome man. Always was.

  6. Lioness Mummy says:

    I think that is an honest to God genuine friendship. I heard him in an interview say that you don’t try to top Jim, you just go with him and play off his energy. Now that’s a great actor. Willing to share the spotlight and learn from another actor. I love Jeff Daniels. An American treasure.

  7. HumorBagel says:

    my soul was not prepared for this

  8. AND WE DANCE. VLOGS says:

    I smiled the entire time 😁

  9. Josh Monty says:

    “When I saw him, there was a tingling in my groin, and that’s the sign. That’s when I know I’m with the right person.” Jim is still freaking hilarious hahahaha

    • Raincentral003 says:

      Footlong! Who ordered the Footlong?!

    • Willie Daniels says:

      And Jim is the BEST real artist that paints life-like caricatures of real life morons–like the bitch Sanders at the WH; and of course the EXACT LIKENESS of the Fuhrer Drumpf in the WH with his BIG mouth always open and spewing out bullsh!t & lies!

    • Sexxxy Girl says:

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  10. Alain Bruno says:

    Jim Carrey is the best comedian actor 💪

    • Billy Dee Cig says:

      Alain Bruno …you need to watch more movies with comedic actors.

    • kenneth merced calo says:

      Alain Bruno Charlie Chaplin? Busters Keaton? Harold Lloyd? Jacques Tati? Peter Sellers? The Max Brothers? Monty Python? Gene Wilder? Jack Lemmon? Pierre Étaix? Louis de Funès? Bourvil? Totò? Bill Murray? Robin Williams? Steve Martin?

    • Billy Dee Cig says:

      kenneth merced calo …They’re probably all racist and misogynistic white-privileged cis men who promoted white supremacy and hate gender fluidity.

    • Cyber Stories says:


  11. Santiago Méndez says:

    This is proof that Jim Carrey always was and always will be Jim Carrey, even when you couldn’t handle his beard, his distancing from Hollywood and the logical things he said which went right over your head so you decided to just call him “crazy” instead.

  12. brown pewdiepie says:

    They still got it ❤

  13. Kerry Cronic Vlogs says:

    I love these guys! I grew up on dumb and dumber.

  14. Nelson Hobbs says:

    jim carrey made this interview 99999x better!

  15. CryptoHodlor says:

    im getting old.

  16. Javier Vargas says:

    If history has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t triple stamp a double stamp.

  17. Triple M says:

    There’s so much comedic talent sitting there… and Andy Richter.

  18. Abeer Bahakim says:

    I just love this guy

  19. NinjaHighLife says:

    Sitting with my legs crossed like that would hurt my nuts. Idk how people do that lol.

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