Jim Carrey Was SICKENED by Will Smith Oscar Moment

Jim Carrey Was SICKENED by Will Smith Oscar Moment

Jim Carrey got candid about the Oscar incident in a new interview with Gayle King for ‘CBS Mornings,’ saying he would have sued Will Smith for $200 million if that had happened to him. The comic legend also said he was “sickened” by the moment and how Hollywood reacted inside the Dolby Theatre.

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25 Responses

  1. RamblinAround says:

    Jim is one of the few major stars in Hollywood that will render his honest opinion, without having to check with a publicist first. I respect that immensely.

    • gizatoob says:

      publicists set up interviews. The short notice ones are higher paid, the high profile ones even more so. SO anyways, the short notice high profile publicist just got a day off cos Jim did this all by himself on a whim cos hes a great guy and didnt jump immedietly on any wagon cos he was told to before public interest wanes.
      I loved Jim but that guys gone….and blatantly so.
      On epstiens list too btw

    • TheArtofBeingReacts says:

      @Simon preach

    • Jon Focker says:

      he’s worth enough to retire any day. so it makes sense for him to speak his mind.

  2. Alexander Alvarez says:

    Finally, everyone was applauding Will for what he did. No one had the balls to say anything. Thanks to Jim and John Leguizamo

    • Joy J says:

      You mean applauded when he received the award, not applauded for slapping someone. Even he should never have been applauded for the award, and l hope the award is taken away from him.
      The few people that applauded that horrible action of Will, I’m sure if they later think about it, they would regret applauding that act of thuggery.

    • BlameItOnVanity says:

      Zoe kravitz was the only one who didnt stand for Will Smith during his speech. Well done

    • Jack Mehoff says:

      Who applauded?

  3. nub says:

    Refreshing to see a hollywood celebrity who actually has a sense of reality. Well said Jim!

  4. tarheelcole says:

    Every single person said “don’t hit a man blah blah blah” then gave him a. Standing ovation 😂 the entire oscars is a joke

    • TheArtofBeingReacts says:

      This was all a ruse lol

      Jim said during a Kimmel interview that actors are paid to distract us. Jim is also an actor.. enjoying this spectacle?

    • Lucy Smith says:

      the fact that the oscars are still alive… i thought it was over, i dont know one person in my group of friends or family that even watches the oscars, or any award show for that matter lolll. I only found out about this from my bf, who was at work, and everyone he works with was talking about this for 2 days…. now im seeing this on my youtube page. Plus i also love Jim <3 So glad hes still making movies!! The truman show..; ugh the best.. so many movies from him

    • Mav Vynne says:

      The Oscar is a circus

  5. HERRERO W.B.H. says:

    “I guess we are not the cool club anymore”

    Facts right there.

  6. SpawnPoiint says:

    Jim is one of the OGs who doesn’t let Hollywood rule their head. Full respect.

    • Matthew Castillo says:

      @TheArtofBeingReacts , What difference does that make. The whole thing was staged. Besides, the Oscar’s are a way for them to self congratulate themselves. You people really are sheep if you support them. You really don’t even know them. They aren’t nice people..

    • Lisa Tatum says:

      @TheArtofBeingReacts she is a celebrity and knows what comes with that and to send her husband up to make a bigger fool of him yeah she needs to get over it

    • JMTM says:

      He is one of a few got there, made enough and got out. Love Jim.

    • Proud Black says:

      @TheArtofBeingReacts but you do.

  7. Prince Groove says:

    Glad there are some actors still left with integrity.

  8. Jaya Kumari Veeraraghavan says:

    Jim Carrey’s right. Chris Rock was just doing his job being a stand up comedian. Comedians make jokes about celebrities all the time. It was not even an offensive one. And for Hollywood to give a standing ovation to a man who acted like a bully is totally spineless. You’ve got to learn to all at yourself or by extension your wife.

    • elainevankat says:

      Absolutely agree! Will was laughing… then he’s hitting someone!! (what a psycho!).

    • Red Pen says:

      It was an offensive joke, but regardless chris rock is a comedian, and will should have dealt with this another way. Will could have just yelled “keep my wife out of your f****** mouth” without using violence.

  9. abhishek rathore says:

    My respect for Jim has increased 100 folds. Yes! Movie industry is spineless!!

  10. Just Another Happy Humanist says:

    Finally! At least one Hollywood star has the guts to say it how it is, and be on the side of GOOD..

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