Jim Jefferies Doesn’t Understand Americans

Jim Jefferies Doesn’t Understand Americans

Jim talks about American things he doesn’t quite understand, having a job at a young age, working the Filet-O-Fish station at McDonalds and he reveals why he eventually got fired.

Pedestrian Question World Cup Edition – Are You Drunk? https://youtu.be/y0fU1gSvvYQ

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Jim Jefferies Doesn’t Understand Americans

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66 Responses

  1. Haris says:

    Jimmy and Jim. Best, combo, ever !

  2. T Rus says:

    Up the Australians!!!

  3. thekrevolution says:

    both individuals represent the sarcastic comedy of their respective nations really well

  4. thomaskazuya says:

    Yo, was this dude eating hot cheetos before his appearance? His lips are a BRIGHT red.

  5. Flumpf Telly says:

    someone had coke in the bathroom..

  6. Mixalis Konstantinidis says:

    This ‘interview’ went off the rails very quickly…

  7. maggie198333 says:

    I agree. U.S. should use metric system.

    • Celestial Crusader says:

      I think the metric system is better for many reasons, but the guy is right about those fingers. 10 is so „magic” to us because we have 10 fingers and at some point we decided that 10 would play the role it plays today. 10/2=5 5/2=2,5 but 12/2=6 6/2=3 you see? Twelves are more efficient

    • b says:

      The US does use the metric system in all cases where it matters…

    • b says:

      TheCommieBoy Er.. why not? Plenty of Americans call it the US.

    • MICHAEL DUKES says:

      FlyBoyZay FlyBoyZay … Screw the metric system.

    • Icecube88 says:

      the u.s. does use the metric system… it uses both systems… it depends on the work you do, but you will be using both if you work in engineering, science, or anything like that. you have to know how to convert to and from. you will be using both in college too.

  8. maximilianwmueller says:

    Jim Jefferies is great fun! Is it just me or can Jimmy K. really not be bothered with showing genuine interest in Jefferies’ anecdote?

    • maximilianwmueller says:

      Ichijo Festival Maybe you misinterpret what I was saying. Didn’t mean that he should have interrupted him every five seconds. It’s just that he reacted to part of what Jefferies was saying the same way as a student when his daydreaming gets interrupted by the teacher. Especially towards the end with the McDonald’s story…

    • alf rulz says:

      He doesn’t care about any of these people. Its the same with every talk show, Jim is there to do his act and promote his show, they have 8 minutes to do it. He doesn’t really want to be there either, but Viacom requires him to promote his show-its in the contract.

    • Ash Correll says:

      maximilianwmueller Listen to Jim Jefferies’ McDonald’s story again. Listen to words he saying, not now he’s saying them. He certainly told his story in a fun manner, but he’s describing a pretty mundane teenage experience. Can’t really blame Jimmy Kimmel for checking out.

  9. Dookje says:

    He is right about the Metric system!

  10. Kamil Overkill says:

    You just let Jim loose and step back..

  11. Gary Doer says:

    I remember when this dude was funny af

  12. Alan says:

    Well the Americans have always been…special 😛

    They’re the only country in the world that uses the imperial units system, refers to football as “soccer”, refers to Americanised rugby as “football”, you can’t drink till you’re 21 but can legally buy a semi-automatic weapon at 18, can’t buy kinder eggs.. lul

    • N Ga says:

      Maloney Bologna. NOT EVERYONE, honey. I don’t

    • Jim says:

      Ironic. Bashing the US on American You Tube, American software on your computer and phone, American created Internet,…haha…Love the tears.

    • b says:

      The US is not “literally” the only country that calls football “soccer”… you seem like the ignorant one here…

    • Ras Putin says:

      Jim hahaha butthurt triggered and can’t provide any argument about the stupidity of muricunt. Make no mistake I’m not against the people of USA rather im against the greed and stupidity of your government.
      Found the WMD in Iraq yet?

    • john doe says:

      In canada you can legally buy a semi automatic weapon at 18

  13. vsquar3d says:

    This dude is fkn hilarious

  14. KiIowatt says:

    You heard him gays, start frying up some amazing chicken.

  15. Nx Doyle says:

    Professional Australians always seem to be at least 25% more Australian when they’re overseas.

  16. Joni Rose says:

    Jim is outlining all annoyances us non Americans have with the US.

    • LeifEricson123 says:

      Joni Rose Going back to watch it again for educational purposes.

    • Dark Days says:

      No doubt we need to do some selfhelp as a nation in the US, including dealing with our crazy short bus citizens which voted to give the world President Orange Joffrey…..

  17. Roof1975 says:

    Us Canadians don’t even understand them… It’s all good..

  18. Gaelic says:

    I love Americans they are so much fun to talk about. 🙂

  19. jon jaquez says:

    This guys funniest when he’s not trying

  20. Karan Trivedi says:

    That was like a free standup routine for the audience. Pretty great.

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