Jimmy Butler Scores 42 Points To Eliminate The Bucks In A Stunning Game 5 Win | NBA on TNT

Jimmy Butler Scores 42 Points To Eliminate The Bucks In A Stunning Game 5 Win | NBA on TNT

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57 Responses

  1. Satsui says:

    Himmy Butler is the grim reaper of the playoffs… I’m convinced ain’t no way he knocked them boys out in 5.

  2. Visch M.M says:

    Man, Jimmy Butler deserves to get a Championship at least once

  3. Eau Rouge says:

    As a Bucks fan… respect to the Heat.

  4. High Voltage Media says:

    Jimmy Butler + Spo is an NBA fan’s dream. Unstoppable force paired up with a mad scientist coach. Go Heat!!! What an upset and what a game!!!

  5. Bille says:

    As much as I am sad to see that the Bucks got eliminated, Jimmy Butler still has my respect. Dude literally went MJ mode this series.

  6. Will Greig says:

    Russ had the best 3/19 game I’ve ever seen Giannis had the worst 38 and 20 game I’ve ever seen 😭

  7. Steve Lumumba shabazzz says:

    Giannis had more FT than the whole heat combined. And yet they still lost. That’s why it’s beneficial to be great at FT in today game.

    • BetterDayzMusic says:

      ​@si markeyan very well said, and he’s not a choker unlike Giannis, yet casuals are still making excuses for giannis and blaming it on Grayson Allen lol

    • Sergio Ortiz says:

      Giannis having more free throws than a whole team? Now where have I heard THAT before?

    • Steve Lumumba shabazzz says:

      @GianASS “The Greek Cheeks” 🍑 told me when embiid was Healthy? Boy FOh… embiid has been struggle with injuries all his career that’s his career while giannis weakness is his shooting ability

    • Mj says:

      ​@519achilles Gianis has 3 other all stars and still can’t live up to his hype

    • GianASS “The Greek Cheeks” 🍑 says:

      @Steve Lumumba shabazzz point being Giannis loses to playoff Jimmy, while Embiid chokes and can’t win with him. Embiid was healthy and went 17.6ppg on 37% while being out rebounded by Tobias.

      Embiid’s a bum who flops and gets a 1/3 of his points from doing so. Nothing respectable about that.

  8. Brian Hecimovich says:

    Chuck: “That dude had 38 and 20 and missed 12 free throws, that’s crazy.”

    Shaq: “Sounds Familiar” 💀💀😂😂

  9. A. K says:

    Without Herro, without Oladipo, with a 50% Kyle Lowry…I still can’t believe that the Bucks got almost swept 4-1.
    This is the greatest upset in NBA history and Jimmy Butler did one the most Amazing individual performance in the history of the Playoffs.

  10. Gio Dematz says:

    Jimmy Butler is the true bloodline of the greatest bull MJ, the adrenaline rush to win in the narrowest chances🏆

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