Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to Prince

Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to Prince

Jimmy celebrates the life and music of Prince by sharing a memorable story of when the Purple One randomly challenged him to a game of ping-pong.

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Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to Prince

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20 Responses

  1. TogetherAtLast says:


  2. Turrican Amiga says:

    Even Prince’s sense of humor was beyond imagination. This was hilarious.
    Winning a game and disappearing is priceless.

  3. Julie Wortham says:

    Love, love it…..Rest in Peace Prince.

  4. danigeo83 says:

    I love how Jimmy pays tribute to those who pass. This was a great story. I
    think my favourite was for Robin. I still tear up watching it.

  5. ohmygoditsamazing says:

    Just as Prince disappeared from Jimmy after winning a game of ping pong,
    Prince disappeared from the world after giving the world his love and
    musical passion. May he rest in peace with all the other amazing people we
    have lost this year. Oh how magical heaven must be right now.

  6. Lena Dublavais says:

    i love how they didnt bring up the fact that prince refused to sign the
    guitar after he hbroke it.im NOt being sarcastic. they just didnt want to
    talk about the “bad” he did. So dumb internet ppl didnt talk shit about a
    dead man

  7. Len Do says:


  8. Tyson “Champ” Miller says:

    R.I.P Prince?☔️

  9. M Sheffield says:

    how the hell do you dislike this video???

  10. charlidog2 says:

    Great story.

  11. Ronald Blum says:

    You have to re-enact this with Dave Chappelle. Please! Do it for the

  12. RobbiesVideoArchives says:

    I don’t remember ever feeling so happy and so sad at the same time. Great

  13. Uju Asika says:

    Prince stories just get better and better. Crying with laughter here. Love
    him and yes to a Dave Chapelle/Jimmy reenactment one day!

  14. Jillydisco says:

    WTF that ping pong noise jimmy made was on pointtttt

  15. ThrillaDaMcColdKilla says:

    “Ask your boy” hahahahaha RIP Prince

  16. diaboard says:

    Amazing storyteller!!

  17. Benjamin Hoey says:

    nice one

  18. Dre Mosley says:

    This is an AWESOME story ! #thankyoujimmy

  19. LAYLA - Italian voice actress says:

    I can’t believe how genuinely emotional he gets every time someone passed
    away. He’s so adorable! :)

  20. mootbooxle says:

    I miss him. He left a huge void. No one can ever fill Prince’s shoes.
    Heels. Of all the outrageous Prince stories out there, this is one of the
    funniest I’ve heard! Quest’s story about him being replaced by Finding Nemo
    is pretty good too.