Jimmy Fallon Thanks David Letterman

Jimmy Fallon Thanks David Letterman

Jimmy takes some time to pay tribute to Late Show host David Letterman and wish him well on his retirement.

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Jimmy Fallon Thanks David Letterman

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20 Responses

  1. Ben McCourt says:

    UK talk show hosts are much better. 

  2. ukeelele says:

    did any of the other predictions come true?

  3. pac401 says:

    I actually have a measure of respect for Mr. Fallon. I still won’t watch
    his show, it’s just not my cup of tea.

  4. Jonhatan “jjonhsay” Sanabria says:

    Jimmy Fallon Thanks David Letterman #tonightshow 

  5. Jonhatan “jjonhsay” Sanabria says:

    Jimmy Fallon Thanks David Letterman #tonightshow 

  6. Lexi Love says:

    Love Jimmy, he is so nice. I wonder if any of that teachers predictions
    came true for the other kids in his class listed on there. If so Jimmy’s
    class is full of great people.

  7. Paul Ramos says:

    “COURAGEOUS”! Hell yeah! That’s Dave! With BALLS! Unlike Jay Leno–COWARD!

  8. kurlis says:

    have him on the show

  9. Job Salazar says:

    Incredibly every time I listen to you Jimmy…I became happy… Mentally,
    sitting in my room … but not Sexy because that will it be weird. anyway
    Tank you David Letterman for those wonderful days…

  10. TonyKanameKuran says:

    Thanks to David Letterman. And Jimmy Fallon… I salute you!

  11. Maznism S says:

    I feel like it’s an eulogy for david

  12. Harold JP Castro M says:

    DL is boss, no doubt!

  13. Adam Stabelli says:

    We’re all gonna miss Dave too, Jimmy.

  14. Herb Housel says:

    What an asshole!

  15. differentandalike says:

    Great tribute. Jimmy said it best. I got a lot of respect for how he said
    it. I watch Letterman for years, he was way funnier than any host on the
    Tonight show and yes I am including Johnny Carson. I was a kid watching
    Johnny Carson because my mom and grandmom loved him. But he seem corny to
    me. Letterman is my type of humor. Anybody watch my videos, favorites,
    likes and you will see the same innovated goofball honest humor and truth.
    Well, Dave, you will be remember forever on You Tube. LOL

  16. pamusicman2 says:

    “There is only one requirement for any of us, and that is to be courageous.
    Because courage as you might know defines all other human behavior”
    – David Letterman

  17. Lusine Khangeldian says:

    Wow Jimmy can be genuine?!?!

  18. Josh Gómez says:

    Interesting video xD

  19. lexmax08 says:

    Nice tribute

  20. Calo Mitchell says:

    Why and how could anyone dislike this. Jeez