Jimmy Freaks Out Riding Puerto Rico’s “Monster” Zip Line

Jimmy Freaks Out Riding Puerto Rico’s “Monster” Zip Line

Jimmy and The Roots’ Tarik “Black Thought” Trotter strap on GoPro cameras and take on El Monstruo, the world’s second-longest zip line at Toro Verde in Puerto Rico.

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Jimmy Freaks Out Riding Puerto Rico’s “Monster” Zip Line


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62 Responses

  1. David Vaccaro says:

    Damn that seems scary ????

  2. madhu mitha says:

    Hey, Jimmy Fallon, love you
    I never miss your programs, keep going, love from India ❤❤❤❤❤????????

  3. Nadelyne_ Messi says:

    Jimmy Fallon In PR???

  4. Donny Hood says:

    Well that’s on my bucket list…

  5. Dust Buggy says:

    “Would you like to try the zipline??”
    Aha no ?

  6. M T says:

    Need to do that! Puerto Rico Extreme!!jaja Very brave U guys!!!

  7. cas. s. says:

    “this could potentially mean the tonight show with questlove” lmaoo i love quest ?

  8. Jace Diehl says:

    It’s so weird watching The Tonight Show without the audience laughing in the background

  9. Enigma says:

    Kudos Jimmy trying to help PR by promoting tourism for the place to help it’s people. Also your face during this was extremely funny.

    • MightyMind137 says:

      We Puerto Ricans are grateful for what he’ve done and mostly cause you can see it’s genuine, we love him and anyone who visit our Island too. youre also welcome to visit.

  10. The Specialist says:

    Scared faces ??? 4:12 ?

    It is scary though

  11. Marty McFly says:

    “Series finale of The Tonight Show” Lol?

  12. Ariel says:

    Haha hearing jimmy explain it last night and seeing it now makes it even funnier

    • Brandon Bassani says:

      Ariel Ya I wanna see the part where the guy has to go back and get him after he finds out he has to take another zip line down though. I guess we have to tune into the show to see that.

    • Genta says:

      It didnt match what he said though was a lil disappointed

  13. cerinafisher says:

    That’s so crazy I could never do that!!! That was pretty intense watching lol

  14. Vikinga Vantillana says:

    “I need some PITORRO” JAJAJAJA ? that’s an illegal rum here.

  15. Adam says:


  16. Aileen Perez says:

    Aww this is amazing! Thank you for visiting my home ❤️?? and showing Puerto Rico some love. Glad you had an amazing experience

  17. sudixaaa says:

    world’s steepest zipline is in Nepal. Love to Puerto Rico from Nepal <3

  18. danz beard says:

    SUPER JEALOUS!!! They were hauling!!!

  19. Artist / Band News by Michael Nagy says:

    I love adventure and zip lining is awesome!!

  20. Steven C says:

    2:56 Very reassuring customer service.
    _Past point of no return_
    Instructor: “You have done zipline before, right?”
    Jimmy: “Never.”
    Instructor: “Ohhhhhhh, my god……..”

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