Jimmy Interviews Bobby Jindal (Aziz Ansari)

Jimmy Interviews Bobby Jindal (Aziz Ansari)

Jimmy talks to GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal (Aziz Ansari) about his chances of winning the Republican primary now that he’s polling less than 2%.

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Jimmy Interviews Bobby Jindal (Aziz Ansari)

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20 Responses

  1. sbelair22 says:

    Treat Yo Self

  2. BronyintheHammock says:

    As a resident of Louisiana, I’ve never related to an episode of South Park
    this much in my life.

  3. prashant bhatia says:

    YASS. Thanks a ton #TonightShow for doing a bit on Bobby Jindal. Finally, a
    brown guy represents. Aziz is so funny.

  4. KlipKultur5 says:

    Apple Jacks are disgusting.

  5. avantjones21 says:

    I never heard or seen Bobby before, but he did a great job making me feel
    like I’ve seen him talk before ! Lol

  6. Cristian Ballinger says:


  7. Mickey Miyagi says:

    Lol looks like Asif from DoseofFousey

  8. Vid Petelin says:

    Either his humor is very specific or he’s just not funny.

  9. MFBloosh says:

    Jindal looks tanned and rested.

  10. manguy2000 says:

    There is no global warming, we have already discredited that pseudo
    science. Now people say climate change, but that is it’s own vacuous and
    intellectually dishonest term. There has been climate change since the
    beginning of time, warming trends and cooling trends. And without any help
    from humans. Millions of years before we stepped foot on earth. What pisses
    me off, is when people make a hard link between human activity and climate
    change, like we are the main contributors by a mile. Then the next step is
    population control. Then all of the abortion and contraception loving
    freaks and euthanasia supporters come out of the wood work.
    Apparently those folks think they have a right to exist, but nobody else
    does. And they think animals are more valuable than humans.

  11. Jalahl says:

    Has he hosted SNL? Think he would be great!

  12. orangehornet57 says:

    I voted for him as governor. But he spent too much of his second term going
    out of state. It’d been better for him to finish his term, then run for
    President. This bit had some funny moments. I didn’t care of some stuff
    from the interview afterwards. Just make sure to laugh at both sides!

  13. Rezyona Uddin says:

    All joking aside I don’t believe in global warming either

  14. vcarter0723 says:

    thats a good slogan

  15. Musal Mueen says:

    This was a nice sketch.

  16. Wolf Pack says:

    Tom Harerford, I wonder what what he’s doing with his life…

  17. Michael Woods says:

    I like Aziz. He’s one of the few people who really appreciates and is tune
    with comedy and just being funny.

  18. ottobord says:

    Liberals: “They made fun of a Republican it must be funny….right”?

    Ummm no.

  19. titus jokhan says:

    is this an american thing? im english and i dont get this lool


    Bobby Jindal, now there’s a guy with fuzzy math.