Jimmy Interviews Cardi B

Jimmy Interviews Cardi B

Cardi B cracks Jimmy up about her name’s origin, how fiancé Migos’ Offset went out of his way for his proposal and why she already feels like a winner after “Bodak Yellow,” even if she doesn’t take home a Grammy.

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Jimmy Interviews Cardi B

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46 Responses

  1. Curtistine Miller says:


  2. Just Chilin says:

    I love her so much haha she’s something else

  3. E B says:

    She is so funny and this was so awkward which makes it even funnier 😂😭

  4. Shawn Crawford says:

    cardi is lowkey insane 😂😂😂😂 funny af though

  5. Atharva Murali says:

    The sassiest black girl interviewed by cringiest white guy

  6. Tano Tano says:

    She’s definitely playing a character! and its working pretty well for her! because her behavior seems odd and kind of like sweet dumb with a sense of humor, but at the same time shes a very smart woman with a lot of content in her brain, so her true self always come through as well!! its like the perfect balance!

    • loosa coosa says:

      Tano Tano playing a character?? lol she has lived her life on the Internet for the last 5 years. just scrolling down her insta page or seeing old videos of her disproves that. IF ANYTHING shes kinda toned herself down…like a lot

  7. Najma Abdullahi says:

    Why does it feel like he’s not really making the effort to accommodate her personality and make her feel welcome even though he’s had way weirder ppl on the show

  8. I Thought You Might Like This says:

    I hope that she doesn’t change! Stay genuine, Cardi B.

  9. chola cola says:

    For everyone coming for Cardi and her speech, please know that she talks that way because her tongue is bigger than her mouth, it’s not just because she wants too, it’s an actually medical
    Condition which also causes a lisp. She’s also a Afro-Trini/Dominican women, that means she’s Caribbean and Latina and we have accents. She’s also from the Bronx. She’s going to have an accent. It doesn’t make her worth any less, any less a women, any less intelligent. It’s just means she’s talks with an accent. And she’s goofy. Black people are goofy, trust me. Comedy just another thing that comes with the melanin, so stop buggin. Yes this interview was a lil awkward but that’s no reason to blame her, the black community or jimmy. He just wasn’t comfortable with her and das it. Don’t make nothing if it ain’t nothing y’all. Have a nice day or evening😊❤️

    • Lo Ch says:

      Mashael AlHarbi yeah she is… She’s Afro Latina, she said so herself, there’s a HUGE population of blacks in the Dominican Republic and she’s one herself apparently… I’m not so sure tho

    • Kay Lee says:

      Mashael AlHarbi…….. her skin is black, she’s black. You really gonna call this women white? Bc Latina ain’t a race

    • TheLoneWolf says:

      Kay Lee That’s what I’m saying. So many idiots think “latina” is a race.

    • Genevieve says:

      chola cola there’s a difference between talking with an accent and actually carrying on a conversation without making noises and sounds like a child. And “black people are goofy, trust me” wtf??

  10. Kevin Vald says:

    JIMMY 👏🏼 WHY 👏🏼 YOU 👏🏼 ACTIN 👏🏼 BRAND 👏🏼 NEW ……

  11. Myke Vicious says:

    Jim: You from the bronx
    cardi:mur hurrrr
    jim: *sips tea*

  12. The Monolith says:

    When they don’t change for the camera 😍😍😍💦💦

  13. simplebeautyxx says:

    omg I love her she’s so funny haha 😂

  14. Niobe Ayutami says:

    He did not know how to receive all her energy 😂😂

  15. Cole Phelps Memes says:

    Cardi really threw Jimmy off

  16. Vizually says:

    damn ppl are obsessed with Card B

  17. Qiana Hawkins says:

    Jimmy totally didn’t know how 2 interview bardi.

  18. Andrew Seo says:

    CARDI B 💥💥💥💥

  19. eslam salim says:

    she is just so effortlessly Entertaining
    u gotta love her
    Never change Cardi

  20. GTR Wendy says:

    What does she do for a living? She makes money move

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