Jimmy Interviews Julian Edelman and Bill Belichick After Patriots’ Comeback Super Bowl Win

Jimmy Interviews Julian Edelman and Bill Belichick After Patriots’ Comeback Super Bowl Win

New England Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman and coach Bill Belichick discuss the spectacular catch that led to their historic Super Bowl LI overtime win.

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Jimmy Interviews Julian Edelman and Bill Belichick After Patriots’ Comeback Super Bowl Win

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20 Responses

  1. Doug Jones says:

    Bar none, the greatest game of my lifetime. We had three great games this
    year, Chicago comes back to win the series, Cleveland comes back to win the
    series, and now the Patriots come back from down 25 to win it all. Tom
    Brady is now, unequivocally, the greatest player of all time.

  2. stlb225 says:

    lol they are so awkward

  3. Doug Jones says:

    Coach actually made a joke!?!?! I thought he was incapable of that.

  4. Brootality Dawg says:


  5. Tranz Phatt says:

    Most I’ve ever heard him speak, out of every interview combined

  6. LamurCribbVlogs says:

    I think Kimmel should have got the interview. Fallen is annoying when he
    starts spazzing out

  7. Tha1Was2asy says:

    Well Fallon fucked this one up, like does he know who these guys are asking
    childish questions.

  8. Marcos Amparo says:

    For those salty falcon fans. At least the Falcons won the popular vote, so
    you got that.

  9. Seth lol says:

    I’d suck Edeleman’s dick no homo

  10. Angel Hui says:


  11. PugsNotDrugs4 says:

    This is what talk show hosts need to understand. I’m here to listen to the
    guests, idgaf about the host.

  12. Lance Jackson says:

    I think Jimmy Fallon is a cool dude and I like his show but sometimes he’s
    just over the top nice and giddy.

  13. Renz Escobedo says:

    Julian Edelman looking like he’s the son of Deadpool and Wolverine Lmao.

  14. Huntersauros says:

    How can anyone watch this show? I don’t think I have ever seen a more
    annoying interview. I started to feel bad for Edelman and Belichick.

  15. Israel Moreno says:

    I wonder what arron Hernandez was watching the pats. win the super bowl ?

  16. •GENUINE ARTICLE• says:

    I hope Patriot fans realize how lucky they are…

  17. Tests says:

    My god…Jimmy you have got to be the worst host. Awkward as hell.

  18. Gabe Shakour says:

    Belichick should narrate stuff like Morgan Freeman after he’s done

  19. The Machine says:

    Fallon is unbearable

  20. PapaKay says:

    2 of these guys won a superbowl. One of these guys needs to calm down.

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