Jimmy Interviews Peyton Manning (Kristen Wiig)

Jimmy Interviews Peyton Manning (Kristen Wiig)

Jimmy gets a surprise visit from Super Bowl champion quarterback Peyton Manning, and they talk about football and other things.

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Jimmy Interviews Peyton Manning (Kristen Wiig)

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20 Responses

  1. DalTones DalTunes says:

    I am stuck in repeat.. this time there will be poduction set into motion

  2. Weez3h GE says:

    dat ass doe

  3. Carlos Parra says:

    Imagine the money Fallon is paying on hernia operations…u know, because
    of all the fake laughing. You’re gonna burst at any moment man! That
    fake-laugh wont make people like you more

  4. EJ Benko says:

    What kinda crap is this? You should be mocking Cam cry baby Newton instead
    of the sheriff! GO BRONCOS!

  5. Jean N says:

    she’s adorable

  6. Debra Bolton says:

    I guess it’s me but I really did not find this as funny as others thought
    it was. Kristen Wiig is a talented comedic actress, I just didn’t care for
    the sketch.

  7. Miguel Jimenez says:

    Dang, Peyton’s surgery went well, he looks 35 yrs younger.

  8. theoneidoavni says:

    You have a nickname for your wife?
    yes, Omaha

  9. Matt B says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t find this funny?

  10. Alain Bruno says:

    Kristen is hilarious!

  11. Blake Waters says:

    How do people find this funny? I don’t even think she knew who she was
    playing. They just threw this together at the last minute it looks like.

  12. Aaron Rodgers says:

    this isn’t funny…

  13. Clint Boyd says:

    her throw at the end still looked better than most of Peyton’s throws this

  14. TransparentLabyrinth says:

    She looks magnificent in football gear.

  15. Niko jay says:

    Those concussions really do numbers on these football players

  16. BlackHawkDiamondSwan says:

    I love her!

  17. junior ruiz says:

    this is awful, she has no improve skills, she stinks in the same way jimmy
    doses, they just count on being likable i guess thats enough.

  18. Crystol Bracey says:

    i love her

  19. JJS 3307 says:

    I noticed something was different about this video and I just noticed. If
    you look at Jimmy REALLY closely, its actually not him :(

  20. JonBenait06 says:

    Ms. Wiig would be wise to jump on the offer by Emily Blunt: “So, Emily, if
    you had to pick one person to collabor…..’ (EB) “Kristen Wiig, no
    hesitation – Kristen Wiig.”