Jimmy Kimmel Is Convinced ‘The Bachelor’ Is Not a Virgin

Jimmy Kimmel Is Convinced ‘The Bachelor’ Is Not a Virgin

Jimmy Kimmel explained to Ellen why he thinks current “The Bachelor” star Colton Underwood is not a virgin as he proclaims to be. Plus, the late-night host talked about his embarrassing meeting with former First Lady Michelle Obama, and why he thinks his young daughter is precocious.


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46 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    All of the dislikes are from Matt Damon

  2. Discover Your Awesomeness says:

    *There’s always some truth behind “just kidding”, knowledge behind every “I don’t know”, emotions behind “I don’t care” and pain behind “it’s okay”. ◇*

  3. Shofaan Malik says:


    To say Ellen is awsome

  4. TheInternetBoss says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is funny

  5. Infinity Sparks says:

    512 th viewer and 19 commenter I luv u ellen

  6. Prince Exorna says:

    We are all saFe from the OH YEAH YEAH CREW

  7. ScarlettP says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is one of the greatest late night talk show host

    • xFrostAngelx says:

      K Fam Adventures Oprah boring asf. Doesn’t know how to capture the viewers as much as Ellen. May as well be a LateNight host good time to help me get some rest. Not much of a feat.

    • Asif Rahaman says:

      definitely better than Fallon

    • K Fam Adventures says:

      xFrostAngelx well history says otherwise. I’m coming from an objective view, your view seems impulsive

    • xFrostAngelx says:

      K Fam Adventures Yes, History—A time where there was hardly any competition so that’s not saying much. We’re in 2019 now and I can easily say by subscriptions alone that Oprah isn’t doing nearly that great by today’s standards when you compare her to hosts like Ellen and Kimmel. Subjective? Nah. Fact

  8. Eve Shayak says:

    See like I said the cycle never ends , Jimmy on Ellen’s and Ellen on Jimmy’s ?

  9. The Heir Of Slytherdor says:

    3:49 “that’s sad” my life in a nutshell

  10. giselle joseph says:

    Happy bday ellen god bless you

  11. k tab says:

    Ellen The Generous & Jimmy Kimmel. What a duo.
    We appreciate your work ethic. Your commitment. Your relentlessness.
    It doesn’t go unnoticed. Happy Birthday Ellen.

  12. Rainy Zion says:

    Billy looks just his Dad Jimmy. I’m delighted he is well.

  13. Rainy Zion says:

    While Cassie is playing calm and cool, Hannah and Caelynn are busy feuding that I don’t know who to believe. Demi is being savaged and sassy and Tracy is always with that mean face ?

  14. Simbonge Zondi says:

    When is Conan going to be on the show

  15. HowToFun says:

    Wow lovely bachelor ideas! who else watches TheEllenShow every day?? ??
    Guys, I’m waiting you on my DIY channel! ❤

  16. Veronica Brown says:

    wait…. the comments are open

  17. Saniora Duclervil says:

    Men can be virgins I believe that. And he doesn’t have to release that information

  18. Joe Benotz says:

    4:02 if you just want to hear the bachelor comment.

  19. Grace G. says:

    4:40 “I used to tell my mother that too” ??

  20. A A says:

    Haha I feel like Jimmy is interviewing Ellen and Ellen is interviewing Jimmy at the same time

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