Jimmy Kimmel Mansplains to Hillary Clinton

Jimmy Kimmel Mansplains to Hillary Clinton

Jimmy offers to “mansplain” what Hillary is doing wrong in her speeches.

Deleted Scene from “Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y8iRvQdSGA

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Jimmy Kimmel Mansplains to Hillary Clinton

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20 Responses

  1. Fritz Karl says:

    Bill Clinton is a rapist.

  2. Ryan leis says:

    I’m glad Hillary didn’t approve of homosexuality until she was running for

  3. James Bond says:

    Vote trump

  4. Bella Sinister says:

    Absolutely nothing to do with her being a woman. It’s what’s on the inside
    that matters. Her lack of integrity and moral fiber is what I dislike about
    her. If Elizabeth Warren were running against Bernie Sanders in this
    Democratic primary, it would be a very difficult choice and I think either
    Ms Warren or Mr Sanders would be excellent choices. It’s who they are
    inside. Clinton is just wrong and her incessant whining about it being her
    gender is just not helping her at all. It’s not her gender, it’s her lack
    of a soul.

  5. Elias Trujillo says:

    Most corrupted politician! She’s a puppet and the DNC is pulling her

  6. BernieForGeneralSecOfCommunistPartyOfUSA2016 says:

    If Bernie becomes president North Korea will look like a free nation.

  7. CraftSized says:

    He’s not “mansplaining”, he’s complaining.

  8. Jake Simmons says:

    Trump 2016 Hillary for Prison 2016

  9. HeartlandTuber says:

    All the morons criticizing this brilliant satire seem to not understand
    that EVERYTHING Kimmel did was virtually verbatim quotes from the idiots
    who make up the so called pundits who write crap for the failed experiment
    in journalism known as the mainstream media. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT SATIRE by
    Kimmel of our failed institution of journalism.

  10. Andy Gentile says:

    this is so cringe. 0/10

  11. showerychaff36 says:

    Oh Satan is running for president?

  12. Barry McCociner says:

    Hillary for Prison 2016

  13. Lucus Kane says:

    I don’t like her as a president, but that was funny.
    The POTUS we need!!!!!!!

  14. Kip Jinkalow says:

    these likes are probably Hillary’s paid bots

  15. servicetradescom says:

    Humanize Hillbot 8.0: CHECK!

    If you dumb rubes can’t spot a propagandist psy-op when you see one, then
    you’re a racist bigot elitist homophobe anti person 

  16. Ryan A. says:

    I couldn’t even crack a smile at this video

  17. Jonathan Lefko says:

    If someone can explain what it is that there is to like about Hillary?

  18. Ruben says:

    there is a reason 68% of voters don’t trust here. i don’t understand why
    people are supporting her. If you do the research hear both sides of the
    argument and look at all the other candidates (democrats and republicans)
    it just doesn’t make sense to support her.

  19. Israel Hadar says:

    Not really funny.

  20. Jing Li says:

    The writer was so clever to put this altogether. Hats off to them.