Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

After the tragedy in Jimmy’s hometown of Las Vegas, he sends love to everyone affected, talks about the major gun violence problem we have in this country, calls out the senators who are in the pocket of the NRA, and asks for common sense and action from our elected officials to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again.

Young vs. Old in a Game of Generation Gap https://youtu.be/-6l8LyGl3dQ

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Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

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20 Responses

  1. Mars Bars says:

    Why would anyone do this? That’s how the world is

  2. New Message says:

    Dear President Trump. See this video? This is what a human being looks like.

  3. Saleen M. says:

    Jimmy I pray to god that you see this but you need to run for office, you’re very well-principled and out-spoken , our country needs that. Thank you for what you do Jimmy, means the world to us 💙

  4. Kevin Mcclure says:

    I’m not an American I feel so sad for you guys god bless

  5. OBNOXIOUS says:

    How does this even have dislikes

  6. Read More says:

    What they accidentally set off the laugh track that would be so awkward

  7. mareir says:

    Neither of your political parties have done a fraction of what they could to help prevent these things. Time to start. Past time to start. Just do it.

  8. Sam Gilley says:

    It’s just like leftists to politicize a tragedy.

  9. H P says:

    I will say though you are wrong about people wanting others to have AK47s or automatic weapons. There is a ban on them….Guess what?? He still had them….Who did he use them on? Innocent people who could not defend themselves. Guess what? Banning every gun in this country will not fix the issue because guns will still get in the hands of bad people….clearly….I think it is ignorant to think otherwise. I do agree with the mental illness issue though…

  10. Right Wing says:

    What happened is sad and hard to fathom but it is extremely pathetic that you are using what happened to attack republicans for your own political gain. You just lost any shred of respect I had left for you. Even if you are right about gun control… this is not the time or the place.

  11. Jake H says:

    This situation sucks but I still need guns because if Isis North Korea or Russia start a war on American soil I’m going to protect my family. End of story. I’m not going to blame it on our founding fathers I blame it movies and video games that make it seem like a normal thing.

  12. Jo Oxtoby says:

    I have a new respect for this man. Heartbreaking to watch.

  13. EchoVids2u says:

    Down with the NRA

  14. Samurai Music says:

    Remember most of you guys voted for this president.

  15. Jack 445 says:

    Guns should not be outlawed. This liberals are going crazy saying that guns should be banned. No way i need to protect myself i must own a gun.

  16. Lisa Sandoval says:


  17. Just Carmen says:

    It’s so sad that this is becoming “normal”. Innocent people are being killed for no reason. Terrible.

  18. AndrogynousBeauty says:

    Honestly thank you Jimmy for saying something. Whats happening in our country is truly terrible and heartbreaking and we need results now!

  19. yes sir says:

    And here goes the anti gun garbage .

  20. Lorange J says:

    Why are these sort of guns even being manufactured? In what situation is it ever okay to use a gun to mow people down? War? I call bullshit. There’s a bigger picture problem here. Hate causes these issues, hate for the self, hate for “other”. Address the deeper issues in our society that causes these attacks to seem like a logical step for these attackers. Address the companies that PROFIT off this bloodshed, because they MANUFACTURE the weapons.

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