Jimmy Kimmel on Roseanne Cancellation

Jimmy Kimmel on Roseanne Cancellation

ABC today decided to cancel their highest rated show following a controversial tweet in which Roseanne Barr compared an African-American woman, a former advisor to President Obama, to an ape. This did not sit well with ABC management, or anyone with a brain, and they announced that the show’s first season would also be its last. “Roseanne” was a very big hit for ABC, but just because Roseanne is gone, that doesn’t mean the show has to. The show must go on and with that said, Jimmy has an idea that could make this work for everyone.

Trump Cancels North Korea Summit https://youtu.be/Ly5FG7yrb4c

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Jimmy Kimmel on Roseanne Cancellation

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75 Responses

  1. Ars 1 says:

    It’s racist what she said but take a poll and see where America stands bet you half the country will support her concluding we are the most racist country in the world

    • Frank Evans says:

      Obviously you haven’t been anywhere else in the world.

    • vgly trvth says:

      Correction: WHITES are the most racist people ON THE PLANET, and their “history” bears this out.

    • Michelle Marquez says:

      Ars 1 “In the 🌎” SMH

    • DavesWorld says:

      Defending someone’s right to say something on social media doesn’t mean you defend racism. It means you defend free speech or at least you would like everyone who insults people to be held to the same standard. The comedians say insulting things every night on tv and are even paid to do it. Some of it is as bad as what she tweeted on her personal time.

    • JT Alex says:

      Little Sunshine ……So what’s your point, dumbass, it’s okay to call people disrespectful and hideous names. If they’re not offended.

  2. Chicagoguy84 says:

    Great example of how Social media can destroy lives !!!! Sucks for the cast and crew, they ALL lost a BIG paychecks !!!

  3. Sara Ross says:

    Now if only ABC could clean up or out some of their other shows, such as this one and The View. I’ve seen equally horrible things from both. Poking a little fun is ok from time to time as long as it’s not mean spirited and you give both sides equal treatment. You, and I use this term loosely, sir, have said some utterly despicable and disrespectful things on air, as well as done things that I find abhorrent such as having women feel your pants to guess what’s inside. I never have and probably never will find you to be funny, nor do I like Colbert. I like Jimmy Fallon somewhat but even he is not quite as appealing as he used to be. He seems to lean more left these days, though perhaps not as much as you do.

    • Tw1 says:

      Everyone just hates Roseanne because she made it clear she was a Trump supporter. Now everyone thinks she is racist because they watch too much Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah.

  4. 48mastadon says:

    Keep the show. Change the name to Rosie and replace Roseanne with Rosie Odonnell and watch Trump;s head explode.

  5. James Cullen says:

    I know this video is a joke but it’s actually a really good idea. I’m honestly more annoyed at ABC than Roseanne, for canceling the entire show over just one person’s comments.

    • Sharon Harris says:

      James Cullen there are other African Americans on ABC who make decisions and money who would quit. They also saw the boycotts coming. Racism is expensive.

  6. twisted tree says:

    Exactly! john goodman is the true star, a legend

  7. Rob Murphy says:

    Oh grow up ABC it’s not like we haven’t heard it before

    • Corky Romero says:

      Rob Murphy but most decent people are tired of hearing it before does that explain it was simple enough terms to you

    • somuchkooleronline. says:

      Pot calling the kettle black…Disney ABC corporation has done far more racist & sexist material in animation!!
      MSNBC when will you call out Joy Reid for her anti LGBT remarks (in print)?
      When is LGBT community going to sue Joy & Comcast-MSNBC for remarks?

    • Nia Imani-Diarra says:

      somuchkooleronline. Give up, you sound like a NUT!!😜🤐

    • hflores91 says:

      At least we know the people you hang with

    • IamParallax says:

      The fact that we hear it all too often doesn’t mean it’s right, you, moron.

  8. Ju On says:

    Roseanne used to be a great comedienne and very forward thinking and wasn’t afraid to stand up for the little guy, and she always had the best jokes, but somewhere down the line she flipped the script and it wasn’t pretty… She’s the Kanye of comedy.

  9. Volume 1 says:

    Valerie Jarrett is “African America”? Lol , ok

  10. Riff Raff says:

    Bill Maher Apologizes for Use of Racial Slur on ‘Real Time’ and maintains his show

    Roseanna Barr loses show…

    Neither are right but keep it consistent people

  11. Laurie says:

    I guess ABC has never seen any of her other tweets over the years??? I mean come on, this is Roseanne, she has always been very blunt and out of line with her words. They knew that before ever rebooting her show. But, now I see that a lot of people are petitioning for other shows like The View to be canceled in fairness and yes even Jimmy Kimmel Live is on the list of what I have seen getting some hate because of his public views on things.

  12. Loren Shelby says:

    At least Roseanne says something funny now and then>
    Not true with Jimmy Kimmel.

  13. Donald T says:

    how about the hate on your show, Kimmel and Colbert as well, both absolute pricks

  14. Bubbas Gift says:

    The same people saying Kathy Griffin should get another chance want Roseanne’s head on a pike.

    • Mk Ely says:

      Bullshit. Everybody knew that was fake compared to calling a black person an ape. It has historical context related to slavery and black skinned people being inferior. Surely in america they do understand this?

    • merdok merdok says:

      The totalitarian leftists continue to seek excuses to silence anyone who does not support their views.

    • Selam Rinkevich says:

      Calling a black women an ape is attacking not only her but a whole race. It’s more personal and people aren’t gonna let that go on this environment. It sucks cause I can’t watch a show with great actors and writing.

    • Tyler Perry says:

      Dallas Delgado you are racist!

    • Tyler Perry says:

      Selam Rinkevich Rosanne never said it about a black woman, so your comment means nothing. That Muzzie is as white as me!

  15. stanley weezy says:

    What a world we live in today where a tweet can get you fired from your job. But Roseanne was wrong and she deserved it.

    • RJ White says:

      stanley weezy wrong for what reason, pointing out facts, she is muslim and really does look like a planet of the apes monkey, not cause she is black cause that’s a little hard to tell at first glance, this fuckin world has gotten way to sensitive to many soft pussies!!

    • Dave Hammond says:

      YEP who would have thought ? Racism is not acceptable – not even on Twitter – idiot.

    • Mark Watney says:

      All employers are stalking their employees social media for anything that can cause the company embarrassment or liability

    • K L says:

      If you are violating a value as a human being yes you will get fire. Just like the way of the guy from Google when he wrote a document say that woman should be working as IT because their logic is unfit for the job. Yup that guy is gone you have freedom of expression but if you violate a company ethnic rule you are fire. I dare anyone of you that have your boss or anyone related in your working place go on FB or Tweeter and say something racist and see if you will get fire. Don’t take your chance 🙂

    • K L says:

      RJ White just your name alone already sound racist. The world is not sensitive but more sensitive when Trump’s running the show. Since that due get elected so many racial issues come out to the public. White supremacist didn’t hesitate to come out, and one of them violently run over someone with a car and killed that person. So when people hit you on the face and say hey it was just a joke let see how sensitive you are after that.

  16. Buenomars says:

    All those lost jobs because of a tweet. I wonder if she realizes the full gravity of her actions.

    • Sally Vee says:

      Q Do you know how our government works? At all? The President can’t just be “fired.” The treasonous Republicans that control our government have to start impeachment proceedings in order for that to ever happen. And they’d rather watch the country burn than help the non-1%.

    • chillchi says:

      And your mama looks like a pregnant carp fish.

    • Robert Trail says:

      Laurie Metcalf just won a Tony, John Goodman has acted in some great movies, Johnny Galecki is a star on The Big Bang Theory and Sara Gilbert is still on The Talk, so I wouldn’t worry to much about the cast, but the other hundreds of people that helped run the show should be pissed at her.

    • WeeItsNookies says:

      Doubtful. People are out of a job over a slightly offensive tweet. The mere fact that can happen is moronic and bad. I’m sure all of those people are more mad at the fact it was cancelled. Those guys probably most likely don’t think losing their job over getting a person that made an offensive tweet fired is worth it.

      The left just keeps red pilling more and more people slowly but surely.

    • Samuel S. says:

      It was only one tweet. Alot worst has been said about others..this was something much more.

  17. jenny Trejo says:

    Abc needs to make it the Dan show

  18. TheRubberStudiosASMR says:

    John Goodman any day!

  19. Shadii Robinson says:

    I just don’t understand why is it racist people out here in the world they’re going to have to answer to God when they leave here because that’s not how It’s supposed to be f*** racist


      Shadii Robinson sorry to hurt you but in my opinion why be afraid of a thing that you say you should be afraid of after you die like really in my opinion we should worry about whatever this supposed god will do to us after we are dead yolo

  20. Jheri Curl Jankins says:

    It’s funny how the MAGA-tards suddenly don’t understand how folks can’t “take a joke” when just a few weeks ago they wanted Michelle Wolf drawn and quartered.

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