Jimmy Kimmel on School Shooting in Parkland, Florida

Jimmy Kimmel on School Shooting in Parkland, Florida

We are all reeling after yet another senseless shooting that took place at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people lost their lives and more than a dozen are hospitalized. Donald Trump gave a speech addressing the tragic events saying that no child or teacher should be afraid of their lives while at school. Jimmy agrees with Trump but in order to fix this SOMETHING has to be done. We need real laws that keep assault rifles out of the hands of people who are going to shoot our kids. These Congressmen and lobbyists don’t work for the NRA, they work for us. If you want to help go to www.everytown.org and write to your representatives. If they don’t listen, vote them out.

Jimmy Kimmel on School Shooting in Parkland, Florida

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104 Responses

  1. Demarco PoLo says:

    Everyone here Stay Safe.

  2. Gabriel Vazquez says:

    Republicans always ask why they aren’t liked. All those statements at the end of the video explain why.

    • bryce powell says:

      Gabriel Vazquez although i totally agree that those clips were horrible, being someone who always want to talk out the problem in order to fix it, the time is now to talk about it. It’s ridiculous for people to say we shouldn’t talk about it.

      But on that note, you should not generalize a whole party, when Fox News tends to be on the very conservative end. And not every person in one party will have the same thoughts.

      And also, don’t try to claim that only republicans do this type of thing, I would say democrats do this also (although I feel on a less frequent basis), you should not always take a one sided POV. You should definitely re think how you take in this info, and how you speak out about it. Because it impacts the credibility of your statements, when you fail to address that both sides fail a lot politically, and that there arnt only two different types of people, republicans and democrats. It’s so much more.

    • steve3602 says:

      CMajor..You’re talking about the extreme left, not all Democrats. I’m neither Democrat or Republican but many Americans feel that the states that allow people to carry guns should be respected. Nobody reasonable is trying to take away your second amendment rights. You have been fed that garbage and bought it. But why are assault rifles legal in this country?

    • Isaiah Waard says:

      Gabriel Vazquez Actually, unless I’m mistaken. Republicans are more popular at the moment.

    • Ethan says:

      Actually I don’t ask that

    • Eric Flores says:

      bulldogsbob a constitution written by white male slave owners

  3. Biddewaaq Ina Cawsgurow says:

    A praying nation is not a thinking nation.

  4. Matthias Urbanczyk says:

    Its insane to watch this daily drama from my safe home in Germany … the United States government needs to deal with this issue NOW! If Trump could solve this problem he would at least be remembered for something honorable

    • BroAnarchy says:

      jon2564 actually that’s not true, Germany didn’t start WWI, they were dragged into it and later blamed for it.
      what, you don’t recall Archduke Franz Ferdinands assassination that started the declaration of war between Serbia and Austria – Hungary , that eventually led to the first world war? NO??? maybe it’s time for someone to actually learn some history.
      As the Ancient ones say, “Those who don’t learn from History are doomed to repeat it…”

    • BroAnarchy says:

      oh… wow… 3 deaths….
      that’s like….

      15,587 less deaths then the United States…
      i mean, your right… They are both numbers, so they are practically the same. There’s no difference, really…
      it’s like…
      splitting hairs… like, really…

    • Seth Davidson says:

      Ahahaha cause we know Germans only do their killings when group rates apply every half century or so.

    • Char Aznable says:

      Matthias Urbanczyk “safe” home in Germany,enjoy your rapefuges constantly committing stabbings,acid atacks and rapes.

    • Joe Verrone says:

      The savages you gave safe haven will soon take over your country. You’ll wish you had guns when that happens.

  5. Lori Larson says:

    THIS. IS. THE. TIME. NOW! NOW!! As a teacher in FL, today I had to sit down and talk to 9 year old children about school safety and review protocol for active shooters! TODAY! NOW! Babies as young as 5 doing active shooter drills! If now is not the time, WHEN IS THE TIME?!??!??

    • SouperScrotum says:

      The time for what?

    • JOSHSTER says:

      You should arm yourself. Of teachers had gun this would never happen

    • Joshua Hammond says:

      3,287 People are killed every day in this country by a car driven by People as young as 15 years old and driving’s not even a right. Most of us don’t wanna give up our rights just to stop death from happening.

    • Jo Be says:

      Lori Larson And to think that if all the teachers had guns; they could’ve stopped the shooter. That’s too bad that the Leftists want to take guns away from the teachers when they could have been protecting the children.

    • Rene G says:

      Joshua Hammond Cars are meant for driving, when someone gets a car they get it for the purpose of travelling. When someone gets a gun they get it for the purpose for killing for whatever reason that may be. Also there are also strict rules and regulations around Cars that also keep getting updated. Why shouldn’t the same happen with guns? It’s not like people are saying no guns. They are saying we need to reevaluate/ “update” the law around guns.

  6. giovanni ibarra says:

    Sadly, the NRA is the government in the US.
    Edit: You guys be civil, we all have different opinions on the matter.

  7. VALENTINEproductions says:

    I love how human Jimmy comes off in moments like these. You hear his sadness, his anger all in his voice not just his words.

    • VALENTINEproductions says:

      Look at all of you so cute arguing with each other. Aww.

    • phoenixphace900 says:

      VALENTINEproductions He’s about as human as an ATM.

    • Isaiah Waard says:

      VALENTINEproductions It’s not like he is a good actor or anything… Or like how he started and stopped his half crying in what seemed instantaneously…

    • garmonbozia says:

      For me personally Jimmy is the only talk show host that’s actually doing it right when it comes to political stuff. Many bring up Trump all the time just to bash irrelevant stuff like his looks, which to be honest for me is getting tiring. Jimmy is actually saying vital things about stuff he has done – not a bash fest ‘just because’ or to get some laughs.

    • Isaiah Waard says:

      garmonbozia True that he has actual points, that are important. The way he goes about them, and how he presents them is the issue I take.

  8. Killian Ellison says:

    Jimmy was trying so hard not to cry. 🙁

    • George Cruz says:

      It’s fake look how hard he was trying to cry but he couldn’t so he goes back to being normal right away sad that u can’t see

    • Raquel Diego says:

      Killian Ellison i truly believe its because he’s a father. More specifically because of everything his son went through.

    • John Thiry says:

      If I was at his place it would be hard not to cry too
      I’m living in Belgium and I’m sad and very angry to see that it’s still happening and unfortunately this will keep happening I think 🙁

    • alexphotoman says:

      George Cruz play the ball not the man! Dickhead!

    • Dave Weedman says:

      He is as fake as a 3$ bill. He tries to get points standing on the graves of dead children. What a sorry excuse of a man.

  9. patricia says:

    President Trump, we spend most of our time in school, most students have even adopted it as a second home. Should we be scared to go home? We shouldn’t. Having ‘fear for your life’ is not an emotion any child/teenager should be feeling;nonetheless, whilst at school. Instead of only having empathy for us, why not try and help overcome this massive problem that affects us all as a nation?

  10. j_pereira8 says:

    Well said, Jimmy. 🙌🙌🙌

  11. Dj. Pickle says:

    I hate how you hear the sadness and pain in Jimmy’s voice

  12. Adelaide McMillan says:

    THe president accepted 21 million in contributions from the NRA. Let that sink in.

  13. Mysterious Person says:

    R.I.P Lakewood High School students. I am really sorry for the 17 families who are affected by this massacre. 😔⛪

  14. Tami Starlight says:

    Great job jimmy. i am consistently inspired by your political growth and integrity for someone in “show biz”. thank you for making the effort and putting yourself out there. nice job on showing the corrupt white politicians at the end – says it all!

  15. rahul srivastava says:

    This is terrorism. NRA’s terrorism.

  16. Preet Singh says:

    Mental illness huh? How about stop selling military guns too anyone and especially to the mentally disturbed. For anybody who wants to share their opinion go for it, mass shootings will keep happening if congress doesn’t make these damn gun laws stricter!!!!💯💯💯

    • Embem Schüpp says:

      How mentally disturbed is too mentally disturbed? Not disagreeing just wondering. Should people with depression be able to buy guns? What about anxiety, schizophrenia, etc?

    • Eagle 367 says:

      ips Shyster read my reply above

    • Taylor Lex says:

      Not if you make it less convenient for them. Would you rather go to Walmart or buy on some shady black market site where the government could catch you easily?

    • Tim Seeburger says:

      ips Shyster – did you just insinuate that an 18 yr old ex-student would go home and build an automatic rifle out of a 3D printer. That’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. Where’s he going to get ammo from? Pixie dust?

    • nicknasty14 says:

      Preet Singh It takes a certain kinda nut to do something like this. A normal thinking person with a gun does not do something like this. Therefore in this modern bullshit of a world, we need more security with guns to eliminate this kind of problem. Armed guards at schools is a must and if you disagree, you are living in la la land. The pharm companies and doctors are the ones that should be held responsible for this. Pull your head out.

  17. SunSon29 says:

    Just another day. We all know this will happen again soon, then again, then again.

    • Sparko 888 says:

      Tyler Weger children are being murdered in school because your laws allow people to own guns… It’s that simple…

      The rest of the civilised world banned guns and guess what, people don’t get shot in their homes or schools… It happened once in the UK and we changed the law do that it wouldn’t happen again… Thats what civilised countries do.

    • Juarez says:

      Juan Gazario While we’re asking whole races of people favors. Can blacks stop committing over 50% of violent crimes? Can my fellow hispanics stop having children they can’t afford? Can Asians stop being successful?

      Generalizations are fun!!
      (The shooter was hispanic by the way)

    • Captain Rex says:

      And again.

    • Sir Winston Lennon says:

      Its up to the FBI to do there JOB!

      Everyone knew he was psychotic
      Everyone knew he had guns!
      Everyone knew he was violent!!


    • Brook Ford says:

      Sparko 888 did you know 8x more Americans were killed with fists and feet in 2017 than AR15s? How sick! Let’s ban them

  18. Pedro C says:

    So the American Government allows 18 year old kids to buy Guns But they need to be 21 to buy a single Beer ?
    Interesting 🤔

  19. Destinee Mercer says:

    I don’t want to go to school and being afraid of somebody killing me. Nobody does. But I think most kids will now because you never know for sure.

  20. Fancy Pancy says:

    “Nothing can be done to prevent this”, says only nation where this regularly happens.

    • N1nj4 Joski says:

      alexphotoman then the criminals are going to get their papaws assault rifle then without buying them. There are already 6 million or more ARs out there now. Putting police in schools is the answer or give guns to a select few of faculty with background checks. But then again you can’t trust everyone.

    • dhana suppiah says:

      Seiferboi b

    • TRuThsTeR: Wake up world please says:

      Fancy Pancy Yes it can, you put deep fences around schools, with sensor detectors, if other countries can do it, so can America. Motion sensor cameras

    • AtTAck helicopter says:

      @ Leo Takacs // Scam Baiting
      < 1. Exactly what is your 'perception' of Pepe and why is 'your' clearly wrong interpretation more 'valid' than mine? But I digress...2. So you put 'words' into my mouth by saying simply b/c I asked question about what specifically people might 'do' about mass shootings related to gun control ou 'jump' to the generalization I believe the 'USA can do no wrong?' How exactly did you come to the conclusion I am a 'nationalist,' too? Are you a US citizen, or live in the US, btw?

    • Sparko 888 says:

      Juarez China has over 1 billion yet they don’t have mass school shootings on a bimonthly basis…

      I hate hearing this “2nd amendment rights” bullshit every time this happens. In the UK private citizens used to have a right to own firearms until, almost 22 years ago, 16 primary school children were murdered and due to the public not wanting to see this happen again, the laws were changed, dramatically tightening gun control. Guess what, it hasn’t happened since. Is your right to own a gun more important than a child’s right to go to school without the fear of this happening to them?? It’s the 21st century… It’s perfectly acceptable to change 200/300 year old laws, the rest of the world does it all the time.

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