Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter War with Roy Moore

Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter War with Roy Moore

Jimmy had an interesting day that led to being in a Twitter war with judge and Senate hopeful Roy Moore who has recently been accused by many women of hitting on them, groping them and more before they were 18 years old. Roy is not happy with Jimmy because our friend Jake Byrd showed up at his rally last night. Apparently, there was an incident and Jake was kicked out. So, Roy invited Jimmy to Alabama via twitter to discuss their issues ‘man to man.’ Jimmy responds to this request.

Naughty or Nice with Jimmy and Guillermo https://youtu.be/v3mFDXl4KQE

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Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter War with Roy Moore

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78 Responses

  1. KAMARI says:

    Jimmy has twitter fingers

  2. KAMARI says:

    Trigga fingers turnt to twitter fingers

  3. Konstantin Sandler says:

    You just got bodied by a late night talk show host

  4. Jehan Bodden says:

    Way to go Jimmy! Way to stand against sexual assault and Roy Moore’s crazy acts against women. # Go Jimmy👍

    • DealReal12 says:


    • NathanBrutal says:

      Lynne Gill On Facebook and Twitter, but on what’s supposed to be a professional show? And a comedy too! This wasn’t funny it was childish.

  5. YouTube user 12345 says:

    RIP Roy Moore

  6. arsenic tastes pretty good says:

    I vote jimmy 2020

    • jared kushner says:

      jimmys a crypto jew.

    • Xa-Moto 19 says:

      arsenic tastes pretty good I seriously doubt Jimmy will ever run for anything but if he does I imagine it’ll be something like Governor of his home state. But hey who knows maybe he will run for President, If so I’ll vote for him.

  7. Cesar Dedios says:

    Jimmy 2020

  8. Ashley James Williams says:

    Roy Moore is an even bigger douchenozzle than Trump.

  9. Johnny Valencia says:

    Banned from the mall? If they don’t want a democrat that’s fine but a guy whose own party doesn’t even have his back? Dumb hillbillies…

  10. MrCrockaG says:

    Jimmy saying “I wake up, I wrestle the kids” sounds a lot better than if Roy said it

  11. Riverphoenixisinheav says:

    Jimmy absolutely slaughtered Roy Moore!

    • DealReal12 says:

      Ra No no he didn’t Sissy atheist kümmel is crap 💩💩💩💩and so are you baba booey baba booey

    • zbudda says:

      Riverphoenixisinheav thank you 👍 Jimmy your slamming of Roy, is what helped make Alabama Christians, who were on the fence decide to vote for Roy. Great move on attacking a man in his house of worship, mocking his religion. 👏

    • Rachel Trainor says:

      This reminds me of Jimmy’s video about his Twitter battle with Donald Trump Jr. – it was a hilarious roast if you haven’t seen it!

    • Cam Urai says:

      Suuuuure he did

  12. daudi dåudi says:

    Jimmy’s clearly disgusted with that Roy Moore idiot for real.

  13. Carl. J says:

    You have to be really really stupid to get into a twitter war with someone like Jimmy. He’s too clever and these guys just don’t understand that he’s too much for them to handle. Even worse, he’s not just going to win said war, but he’s going to expose you as the idiot loser you are in international television.

    • differentboy96 says:

      I live in a third world country and even us are not that christian fundamentalists like DealReal12. Move to Russia or Guatemala, not even my country accepts the type of christians like you.

    • Jordan says:

      Lynne Gill I’m pointing out that he isn’t the one coming up with what he’s saying. His “cleverness” is made possible by writers. Lol insane how that offended you enough to insult me.

    • zbudda says:

      Carl. J Jimmy just persuaded more Alabama Christians, who were on the fence to vote for Moore. Never attack a man in his house of worship or mock his religion, if you don’t want the repercussions.

    • George says:

      DealReal12 Do you normally use baby talk with all your insults?

    • MegaRenegade1000 says:

      not even your “third world” country supports “christian countries” like “you” yet you want to send him to another country that is not yours? hypocrite much??

  14. Alexia Goddess says:

    Roy Moore is nothin more than a pig who got caught. You can’t hide behind your religion or conspiracy theories or discrediting your victims. You got caught, dickweed!

  15. kanyecollier says:

    Roy Moore is the white version of R. Kelly…..his old butt needs to shut up.

  16. Planet Floral says:


  17. Michael Billig says:

    Ray Moore shitting in his pants right about now 😂

  18. Chris Colvard says:

    I’m from Alabama, and I’m ashamed to have Roy Moore represent us in any way, shape, or form. Thank you, Mr. Kimmel, for helping to expose what a goobersmooch Moore is. And, just so people know, not all Alabamians are backwater weirdos… we just seem to keep electing them.

  19. E. Vasquez says:

    YOU ARE THE MAN JIMMY…saying it like it is. ….

  20. BrookeInProgress says:

    I LOVE this side of Jimmy that he’s shown over and over again this year. Incredible. Keep fighting the good fight, my man

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