Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Comments from Trump Supporters

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Comments from Trump Supporters

Jimmy recently had a message for those who voted for Donald Trump. During his monologue, he explained that he understood why they voted for Trump but things have changed so he encouraged those who felt like they made a mistake to admit it so we can all move on. He was hoping to solve our problems with a solid plan that would help all of us. Well if the Twitter and Facebook comments are any indication, it really seems like Jimmy made a breakthrough.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Plan to Save Us from Trump https://youtu.be/t16xYMSyMXU

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Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Comments from Trump Supporters

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20 Responses

  1. Henry Powell says:

    Snowflakes melt in tiki torches, be careful with those

  2. cjvvaliente says:

    LOL! It goes to show that no matter how kind you are to Trumpists, they are clearly not fit for modern society. Trumpists have a hard time concentrating. I think they should go to camps for concentration. 8)

  3. Mike7705 l says:

    It’s sad to say but i think Trump represents the U.S public perfectly.

  4. Lil Bill says:

    Trump supporters are cancer

  5. Jake Wallace says:

    I tried to think what trump supporters are like in real life…. then i woke up from my nightmare

  6. J Scott Hatcher says:

    after trump sympathized with nazis, i don’t even bother talking trump supporters anymore. not that it was ever productive to begin with.

  7. Blue Totoro says:

    Not all trump supporters are bad people you guys we are people just like you :/

  8. TeddyGarcia says:

    this is amazing, all the trump supporters are pussies,

  9. Triumph The Comic Insult Dog says:

    Never take a trump supporter seriously, because they will take their stupid knowlege and beat you at their own game.

  10. Valo P. says:

    Trump will lead us into world war 3. What a great president ?

  11. Michael Drew Harris says:

    Trump is weak-minded

  12. John Despo says:

    Liberals are fags just like Jimmy Kimmel

  13. Triumph The Comic Insult Dog says:

    Trumptards are just buthurt because they were grabbed by the pussy. And all the others with an actual brain didnt buy into all of trumps bullshit.

  14. Digital Box says:

    “Most stupid person i have ever seen” – Says the Trumptard who cant use correct grammar

  15. Drake_D_ 1243 says:

    Damn Jimmy had to bring politics into one of my favorite late night show. :/
    Not like my 1 subscribe is going to do anything, but you lost my view. You have a voice. You should be thoughtful when running your mouth about our president. You feed the fire it’ll continue to burn.

  16. greywolf 18 says:

    The combined IQ of all the people who made those comments is 46

  17. Freddy Joe says:

    First,Trump supports Nazis next Trump supports cancer

  18. ROOKTABULA says:

    Thanks to those Trump fans for yet again proving what the rest of us know: You’re sub-moronic, whiny little bitches.

  19. BlueTerror says:

    Yeah because Antifa is so much better, right? Hahahaha

  20. Skankhunt_74 says:

    Trump supporters are the most dumb group of racists i have ever seen.

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