Jimmy Kimmel Responds To More Comments From Video Game Watchers

Jimmy Kimmel Responds To More Comments From Video Game Watchers

Jimmy recently enraged the video gaming community with comments he made about YouTube Gaming, a new YouTube platform where people can watch other people play video games. Jimmy shared some of the angry comments he received on air, but that only seemed to make those same people even more angry.

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Jimmy Kimmel Responds To More Comments From Video Game Watchers

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20 Responses

  1. Crowified says:

    i can smell you from here

  2. Exotic Joking says:

    Lol and people watch him talking about people watching other people watch
    gaming vids

  3. Rizma LAD says:

    suck ur mum

  4. sargon says:

    No disrespect, but some of the people I watch play video games on YouTube
    are more entertaining than this show.

  5. Nick Ryniak says:


  6. Rexny says:

    Jimmy just needs to watch Cr1tikal play Titty Simulator. He’ll understand
    after that.

  7. Rizma LAD says:

    suk ur mum

  8. NoneSoupForYou says:

    You have a small penis.

  9. CallousGamingTV says:

    You’re a pedophile. Stay away from children.

  10. ASAPNova says:

    I’m about to cock slap your wife

  11. CodiTC says:

    It’s just ironic that @JimmyKimmel makes a living off other people watching
    him talk to his guests but you can’t seem to find the similarities.

  12. Trap VII says:

    I hope you get taken by ISIS and tortured, then they record you getting
    fucked in the ass with a bomb then they blow your ass up you fucking degen,
    old fuck boy looking ass that thinks hes funny kys

  13. I Am Aces says:


  14. Myth Presha says:

    ill f*ck u and that audience LONG D*ICK STYLE

  15. Lightning Bolt says:

    Jimmy, You fat bearded ignorant fuck boy. I’m gonna hit a quad feed on your
    fam and hit a 720 instaswap on You, you gonna learn today, you gonna learn

  16. Jennifer Patterson says:

    Gamers get a sense of humor!

  17. its Claw says:

    You have the power to lift 15 pounds

  18. ItzDawnEternity says:

    I hope you get hacked no one likes you

  19. shaddow3456 says:

    What about charity streams Jimmy? Ive seen people raise over 100,000
    dollars in two days. But thats a waste of time right?

  20. mathew davis says:

    “I have that power to shut down twitch and youtube gaming” just shut up you
    can’t do that trying your best. Even God doesn’t love you so stfu.