Jimmy Kimmel Returns with Baby Billy After Heart Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel Returns with Baby Billy After Heart Surgery

Jimmy’s baby Billy had his second open heart surgery last week so Jimmy had guest hosts fill in for him while he was out. Thankfully the surgery was a success and Jimmy returned to the show tonight with Billy in tow to show everyone how well he is doing. Jimmy thanks the bright and talented doctors and nurses at Children’s Hospital LA. He has to have one more surgery when he is around six years old and then he is good to go. However, the fight is not over for millions of children whose health is threatened right now because a program called CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), that is there to protect them, is in serious need of funding because Congress recently failed to approve funding for it. This is not a partisan issue. Democrats and Republicans have always overwhelmingly supported it – until now. Now it’s being used as a bargaining chip. So Jimmy is encouraging everyone to call the House and Senate at (202) 225-3121 to tell them to take a break from tax cuts and fully fund CHIP now. Also, if you don’t have health insurance make sure to go to healthcare.gov and sign up before the December 15th deadline. #FundCHIPNow

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Jimmy Kimmel Returns with Baby Billy After Heart Surgery

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49 Responses

  1. New Message says:

    More heart on that stage right now than there is in the entire White House.

    Keep strong, Billy!

  2. dodger says:

    Jimmy, and Conan are literally the most real talk show hosts. Conan took care of his staff when the show got cancelled, and Jimmy is trying to take care of us

    • nbkcq28 says:

      Giantstx, so you’re saying that children’s healthcare is a liberal thing. lol. You don’t seem to mind Trump and his billionaire cronies forcing through tax cuts to make them more money but you think Kimmel is selfish for wanting healthcare for kids funded…as it has been for decades until people like you make it a “us vs. them” mentality. Nice guy, huh? Christian, by any way because you sound like those lovely Christian Right people with their hate spewing continuously. Next year Trump and his comrades are going to gut Medicare and Social Security (which people have paid into their entire working lives) to pay for the tax cuts for the billionaires. I’m sure you don’t mind.

    • Lauren Flavor says:

      Giantstx Well I’m millennial and I don’t ONLY care about liberal politics so nice try. This is about children who need care. Any side should see that and support it.

    • John Gosline says:

      Giantstx he was addressing both sides of the fence, not just one, children’s healtcare is more important than tax cuts for the already ultra-rich, hope you never have any kids let alone even one, because when they get sick and need medical care but you can’t get it because of some government screw job, you will feel exactly what you are…worthless, if you are even capable of feeling anything above your waist

    • sammy says:

      Honny this is not about politics, come on. This is about being a real human-being and protecting American kids. “All lives matter” remember? or is that just empty rhetoric and a slogan

      Lets keep the politics out of it and please stop making it a left VS right thing, this is a right VS wrong thing

      These are little children, please have a heart and fight for them as well.


    • krkchok says:

      And what is wrong about liberalism?
      In many countries libaralism was the first impulse to form a democracy.

      Unbelievable how blindfolded this comment is! Unbelievable !!!

  3. A- Rom says:

    No words, just applause 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Japanthewoman says:

    I definitely know about CHIP because my kids are on it. And you can bet I’ve been calling congress multiple times about it.

  5. sidd joshi says:

    one jimmy has *the most fake laugh* nd one jimmy has *the most genuine tears*
    good to see your son is doing well. god bless. peace.

  6. Erika Snow says:

    He is adorable!!!! What a fighter Billy is!!!

  7. Soehairi Katni says:

    Nothing hurts more than to see your child sick

  8. Teja Tummuru says:

    Billy is so cute!!! Glad to see is all good now!!!

  9. AfroAmercanXpress says:

    78 people think he’s talking about potato chips. Jackasses!

  10. jcbogdon says:

    Love!! My son is 11 an had Open Heart Surgery when he was 5days old. I’ve never been so scared in my life! I’m so grateful to his Dr an Nurse’s of Little Rock Children’s Hospital for saving my son’s life! Dear Mr. Kimmel I wish Billy all the best I think heart kids Rock! Tell him chicks will dig his scar! Lol
    Sending him lots an lots of Love!!

  11. Eman Ibrahim says:

    Daddy cries in TV Billy doesn’t!
    well I cried too , so glad that his surgery went well, such a little adorable hero <3

  12. irvin martinez says:

    And than you will hear reps say that Kimmel used his son for his political agenda, they don’t have feelings

  13. Unlocked says:

    what a sweet lil guy. Billy’s not too bad either.

  14. The Mouse says:

    Jimmy my God bless your boy and all the children of the world!

  15. ADENS SKY says:

    Kimmel, you and I have never agreed in politics but, you and I share one agreement that is bigger than anything political and that is our children and many children who need help!! I do love you for that!! Your son is beautiful and I’m SO happy that he is doing well!! God bless you billy and god bless you, Kimmel.

  16. jackel54130 says:

    Weather or not you have kids, make this call. Fight for a better future for everyone.

  17. beastalchemist says:

    Wait for the alt-right idiots to say he’s using his son as a prop.

    • bulldogsbob says:

      What else would you call using your kid for emotional manipulation

    • Ancient Mindset says:

      So you know the move, too, and you don’t strike me as an alt-right to me. You hit it on the nose. He used his kid.

    • yellowonesdontstop says:

      bulldogsbob He’s not doing this to enrich himself. He’s trying to use his platform thoughtfully out of empathy for other families who count on CHIP. Yes, he brought out his son to force people to see what they are voting against.

    • KanalDerGutenSache says:

      He is. He is using his child who got lucky having a rich dad to save other children’s lives. HOW DARE HE?

    • Berlinwood27 says:

      I meannnnnnnn come on 🤔😂 Jimmy Kimmel got it rough man the damn white man always hassling him and the damn government

  18. Kirstin Hinkle says:

    My ovaries just straight blew up

  19. A K says:

    Thank you Jimmy for inspiring me for the first time in my life to contact my state Senators and Rep, I just emailed them and I encourage anyone with a conscious to do the same.

  20. saxndy boo says:

    He is the cutest May god always bless you & your family ❤️

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